Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! So how did everyone celebrate Fat Tuesday? Me, I was watching earthcam with the Cat's Meow karaoke bar in New Orleans for awhile. I love that place. Yes even though I have never been to New Orleans I love watching that cam everynow and then. Some fun stuff and yes I find myself singing along to some of the songs. If I ever make it to New Orleans I am going to have to go in there at least once. Me sing karaoke? Well we will see. Anyways back to Fat Tuesday, the reason behind the name is because tomorrow starts lent and this is the last day for people to indulge in lots and lots of food. At least it makes us fat people feel special. One day out of the year where we can eat whatever the hell we want and not feel bad about it. Did I indulge? Nope I did not. I don't think I ever have. Besides I have been indulging in food for 33 years now, I don't need a special day for that.

Lent starts tomorrow and every year I come up with something as a joke to say I am going to give up for lent. One year I think I said I would give up porn. Last year I said I was giving up religion. I am pretty sure another time I said I was going to give up being nice. I gave it some thought this year and I actually picked something that I am going to do. I decided for lent I am giving up hair meaning that I am going to shave my head. Yep nothing major just the fact is I haven't had my head shaved like that in over 7 years. I have been thinking bout doing it for awhile now and well I figured I could use lent as a reason to finally go through with it. So there we go, for lent I am giving up hair.

My chicken soup the other night did not turn out the way I wanted. I guess it is a trial and error type thing. I at least know of things I can do differently this time to make it turn out differently. It dealing with the noodles I got for the soup. For one the noodles were cheap and I put them in the broth like 20 minutes prior to eating. I should of never of put them in the broth. I should of cooked them separately and added it separately. Because of what I did the broth soaked up the noodles and little broth was left and the noodles got mushy. It still tasted pretty decent until the next day when I had leftovers. The soup turned into a casserole. I know I can't eat anymore of it. My father on the other hand loves it. Go figure I make something that I thought was terrible and he loved it. Like I said at least I know what to do and what not to do now.

Weather sucks here. Typical for February though. It snowed out and then we got freezing rain and then rain and most things turned to ice. I went outside on Sunday to take out garbage and trying to get back in the house I lost my footing and nearly fell. There is never really a win-win situation living in Wisconsin though or well it is very rare. It is either too cold or snowy or it is too damn hot. I should just live in an temperature controlled bubble.

That is about all for now. I will be back soon. Most likely with a blog for Valentine's day.

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