Face 2

Face (the first part)

"Yes! she said very excitedly. I looked at her in disbelief and put my palm on my head. I turned to my new zombie friend and said "eat her face". He screams "face" and he lunges at her. She screams out for help and tries to fight back but my new zombie friend is overpowering and he devours her. Unbelievable. I had set out to help out my friend with eating a few people. I figured I would seek out some chicks over the years who kinda treated me like crap and figuring they would say no if I asked them to have sex with me and on this day I am 5 for 5 with them saying yes. No I didn't really want to have sex with them. I just wanted them to say no so I could send my friend on a feeding rampage on their faces. Instead it has backfired and they all apparently wanted to have sex with me. What the hell was this world coming to? First a zombie that I could apparently control and now all these chicks wanted to have sex with me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. I said to my zombie friend "come on dude lets go to the next victim". He screamed out in happiness by saying the word "face".

I figured we could go pay a visit to this girl I know named Courtney. Courtney and I were good friends for a long time. She knew just about everything about me. We hung out and she was an easy person to talk to. She was also a whore. She always had problems with boys but that was due to her not realizing that she could keep her legs closed for longer then 5 minutes. Anyways over time we developed feelings for each other but she kept stringing me along. The whole oh I have been hurt too many times I want to take it slow bullshit. Then finally she decides she wants to date but then she just wanted to date other guys and not me. Few months later she tells me she was in love with me. We kissed a few times, nothing more then that. She continued to talk to other guys behind my back. Then came Simon. She totally turned into a different person. Apparently they were getting comfy with each other behind my back. Then one day she was like oh yeah I am with Simon now. I was hurt and confused so I needed time to myself. I decided that I would just accept it so we could still be friends but she still ignored me afterwards. She thought I should apologize to her cause I had stopped talking to her due to me being upset. Finally I had enough and decided it was time to let her go. She went on a rampage and totally trashed me and my life saying I was a loser and all this other wonderful shit. Simon left her a little bit later. He said something about finding true love with this chick from Canada. Turns out the chick was like 300 something pounds and she was just as psycho from the chick from the movie Misery. She ended up murdering Simon. Not sure how, never actually cared to be honest. Since then Courtney has been in a major state of depression. Well I can only assume after what she had been through.

"What the fuck do you want?" shouted Courtney as she answered the door. I didn't say anything at first. This bitch looked like death herself. Her hair was totally messy like she hadn't take a shower in weeks. No makeup. She looked like she had been drinking or doing cocaine or hell maybe both. She had also put on weight. I just looked at her thinking to myself "my God what the hell did I ever see in this chick?" Impatiently she said "ok so if you are just going to stand there and not say a fucking word I'd like you to get the fuck out of here". Before she could close the door I said to her "wait, I have someone that I want you to met". She had this confused look on her face. I then pointed at my zombie friend. I said "this is my friend, he is a zombie and I am going to have him help put you out of your misery". I then turned to him and said "eat her face". He screamed out "face" and he lunged at her. She screamed for help but there was no stopping this zombie. I stood there and watched as someone whom I thought I was in love with at one point got devoured by a zombie. An evil smile came over my face again. What I was doing was so wrong but at the same time it felt pretty good.

I decided to chill out in Courtney's apartment for a bit before we would go. She didn't have much of anything useful for me. She had like 20 bucks sitting on the table and some coins. My zombie friend decided to sit down on the couch that she had. He seemed to be getting well almost more human like. Could it be the more that he ate the more he was I dunno gaining some human ability? I looked at him and pointed to myself and said "my name is Nick". He responded by saying "Nick is a friend". I nodded back at him. "We need a name for you, I can not keep on calling you zombie. Do you remember what your name was before you turned?" He had a confused look on his face but he said "Gaylord". I looked at him and said "your name is Gaylord"? He repeated the name and he followed up by saying "yes". So I met some zombie and his name happened to be Gaylord. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. How did someone come up with the name Gaylord for him? Was it because of the movie Meet the Parents? Anyways I knew we had to leave this apartment and find some place to hang out for now. Gaylord didn't seem to be very aggressive anymore. He just kinda seemed to be there. Maybe he was confused as to why he was a zombie now and no longer human? Why did he become a zombie anyways? I didn't think I could go back to my house so I had to plan my next move. I was going to go take him to see my friend Melanie. If there was anyone that could help me it would be Melanie. Before we left the apartment I had a discussion with Gaylord. I said to him "we are going to see my friend Melanie. She is more then a friend to me. I love her to death. No matter what she says and how she reacts you will not eat her. Do you understand Gaylord? Do not eat Melanie". He responded with "ok".

Melanie is a dear friend of mine. We have been friends for well over 10 years. I know everything about her and likewise she knows everything about me. We have a lot in common. She reminds me of the female version of myself. She likes the same music, movies, shows, plays guitar and bass like me, etc. I've also been in love with her for a very long time. Yes at one point I did have feelings for Courtney but it is possible to feel something for two different people at once. She helped me a lot with what had happened with Courtney. I know the whole thing pained her because even if she hasn't said it I know she has had feelings for me for a long time now. If anyone was going to make a move on the other person it would have to be me. I am wondering how she is going to react to this whole zombie thing. Most likely knowing her she is going to think I am just fucking with her. She has a hard time taking things seriously.

We got to her place and I rang the bell. She answered the door. She is a gorgeous woman. 5'7 with red hair and green eyes, C cup breasts, and her voice well she could pass for a phone sex operator. She said "hey Nick" and then proceeded to give me a hug. Feeling her pressed against me I immediately became aroused. Hey I can't help it, I have only been with 2 girls in my life and the last time was about 3 years ago. She said "so what brings you to visit me". I tried to be charming and said "well I have missed that beautiful smile of yours so I figured I would stop by. She smiled back at me and then I said "plus I have something to tell you and show you, this is my friend Gaylord." She took a look at Gaylord and said hi and then looked at me and said "Nick what is wrong with him?". I said "let us in and I will explain. Don't worry he won't hurt you." She laughed and said "for some reason that doesn't give me any reassurance." Melanie sat down and when we talked about stuff we pretty tried to keep all comments and concerns until the other person was done talking. So I begin telling her of the events of the days. How Gaylord is a zombie, how I survived a zombie attack, how I got him to kill Rebecca Black and then 6 other females including Courtney, and how Gaylord seemed to be having human like qualities even though he was a zombie. She looked at me with this stunned look on her face and said "so let me get this straight, he is a zombie and for whatever reason he listens to you and you have been getting him to kill people?" I said "yeah I guess that is the correct way of looking at it." She looked at me and laughed "dude you are more fucked up then I originally thought. I wonder what that means about me because I actually believe this story whereas some NORMAL person would be like whatever it is that you are taking I want some of that shit." I laughed and I said "I knew if there was one person that would understand and believe me that it would be you." She said to me "I just don't know what to say at the moment, this shit is totally crazy". I decided I would try to ease the situation by making some sort a joke. "So Melanie does this mean you will finally have sex with me now that I showed you I can have power and control over someone?" She looked at me as if she was giving some thought to it and she smiled "nice try Nick, I will give you that, but I am not sure I would feel comfortable having sex in front of some zombie". I said "Melanie maybe he would enjoy it. Maybe seeing your naked body is just what the guy needs or maybe that is exactly what I need at this point". Melanie blushed and had this smile on her face but she did not say anything back. I turned to Gaylord and said "if me and Melanie had sex right here right now in front of you would you mind". Melanie shouted "Nick!". Gaylord replied by saying the word "sex" which sent me and Melanie both laughing. I said jokingly "well it is apparent zombies still know what sex is. Do we have a horny zombie on our hands?" Melanie laughed and said "ok I am going to turn on the TV just to change the subject".

On the TV is Family Guy. Ok a show that will possibly end any awkwardness that is in the room at the moment. I was quite amazed at how quiet Gaylord was being. I just wanted to know more about what had happened and what was this zombie like condition of his. I looked at Melanie who was watching the TV. She turned her head to notice me watching her. She smiled. I think she finally was starting to see how I had felt about her. Then it happened. Special news report. News reporter comes on the TV and the headline at the bottom of the screen says "Rebecca Black found dead. Her body was eaten". On the TV you can see the body wrapped in a white blanket laying there on the ground with a pool of blood next to it. The reporter starts saying something but I can't make out what she is saying because I am a bit numb at the moment. How did I honestly think I could get away with all of this without any consequences or anything like that? How could I be so stupid? How could I just drag the person that I love into all of this? On the TV there are a few police officers and whatnot near the body. That is when when it happens. The body starts moving. You can see the police officers back off and draw their guns holding out their hands to let everyone else know to stay back. Just then Rebecca Black rips through the white sheet on the ground and lunges towards a police officer. You hear gunshots and then the screen on the TV goes blank. I turn to Melanie and she turns to me and the only thing I can say is "oh fuck".

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