Exit February, Enter March

Ah yes February is over after today and incoming is the month of March. The weather starts warming up. The snow melts. The birds are chirping once again. I begin to be in a much happier mood. I am not saying that I am in a bad mood or anything like that just winter causes a person to go stir crazy a bit. Being stir crazy sucks. I would most likely feel better if the weather was ok for me to go back to my daily walking routine but yeah that hasn't happened. But with February ending and March beginning the days of me being able to go out for my walks is coming closer. Hooray!

Not a lot is going on here. We just had another snowstorm here though. Got like 8 inches of snow or something. In the month of December we had 6 inches of snow and in January we had just over 4 inches. In February we had 25 inches. We had precipitation on 17 out of 28 days in February. I honestly don't mind the snow so much just it does get a bit annoying. Thank God my future brother-in-law does snowplowing cause it is nice to have our driveway plowed. It leaves me with the cleanup of what wasn't plowed. Mainly the porch, the area by the side door, area near the garage, and then the sidewalks. The snow we got Tuesday and Wednesday though was a very heavy and wet snow which is a bitch to shovel. Our neighbors decided to snow blow a path through the sidewalks that I normally shovel. It was a nice gesture however cause we were above freezing some of that started to melt already so it was a nice pile of slush and water. I basically ruined my shoes shoveling yesterday climbing through big snowbanks to get to my father's car. So to prevent any further damage I wasn't about to finish up the sidewalks by climbing in with slush and water. Lesson learned though, if I plan on living in Wisconsin I need some type of winter shoes.

Continuing to play Rocksmith a lot. I find myself learning songs that I normally would of never of been interested in had it not been for the game. My guitar playing has improved quite a bit. I wouldn't say I am great or amazing or anything but I've made some good improvements. Been thinking of recording a video of me playing Rocksmith. Not entirely sure what song yet. I am going to go with a song that I know really well. I don't have high tech equipment to record anything with so the video might be crappy quality. Something I have been thinking about. I have been playing guitar for quite awhile and I've never made any sort of video relating to it. Should be interesting and fun.

Another concert was announced for Summer fest. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of them but I do know and like quite a few songs so I thought they might be an interesting band to go see. We'll see what happens. It is one of those situations where if I don't go then it is not the end of the world. I just really love live music and seeing a band live. Certainly beats listening to them on a cd or spotify.

I am going through ideas for Face 3 so I may have something written in the upcoming future. I have many ways I could go with the story, I am just undecided on where to go with it. I mean I could really end up making some sort of Zombieland type thing eventually or I could just try to bring it to some sort of conclusion. I don't know, I enjoy writing it so far so I could possibly keep going with it and see where it goes.

Anyways that is all for now and unless I come up with something brilliant this will be the last blog until next month. Well March does start in seven and a half hours so that makes sense. Sense of humor, I have one...I just wish more people did.

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