Bite the Butler

I know what a weird blog title, I guess I will have to explain. I decided to play the Sims 3 this week for the first time in well nearly a year. I had gotten a couple of expansions and then I stopped playing the game again. Anyways I started playing it again this week and of course I became instantly hooked again. I've been hooked on the Sims since the game first came out back in 2000. I remade my family on the game and whatnot and then discovered how cool it was to have a vampire in the game with the Late Night expansion. My female that I had made in the game was the first vampire I had and immediately I said to myself "oh I must go home and bite the butler" since there was a butler in the house. So thats exactly what I did and then the butler disappeared and won't come back to that house. Now you all know that I didn't do anything zombie like and bite a butler, I got it from playing the Sims.

It is February now and again this is one of my least favorite months out of the year. Shortest month of the year but it holds a lot of history. Some not so great. I won't go into details. Course it started with some bitterly cold weather and a little bit of snow. This explains how crazy Wisconsin weather is sometimes. On Tuesday it was 61 degrees, 2 days later we were getting snow and we had low temps at 0 or lower with wind chills near -20. Yep crazy weather. Crazy weather like this always wreaks havoc on my body. Making me feel sore and whatnot. Supposedly though after this cold streak the rest of the month should be highs in the 30s or higher. I am fine with that. Frankly I can handle the teens as long as there is not a really bad wind outside. If there was a plus side to the beginning of the week it  was the fact that I did get a chance to go for a walk in there. Too bad thanks to melted snow and ice I was walking through puddles and lakes and I ruined my shoes. Good job Nick.

So I haven't heard back from Piggly Wiggly. This means one of a few things. They decided again not to go with me or they were waiting until after the 1st of the month. My positive thinking got me to think the 2nd option. It is discouraging going for an interview with the same guy twice and nothing coming out of it. I will look at it like this though...their loss not mine. I just need to keep looking, something will come up.

Thanks to the stupid job thing January didn't go exactly the way I had planned it. Do things ever go according to your plans? Not usually. I think we have to plan for our plans to not work out exactly the way we want it. If you do that less disappointment I suppose? I admit this past week I didn't write a blog cause I was overly eh about things. The weather changing and other random stuff I didn't feel like writing. At least this time it was like a week break and not like 4 or 5 months. That is an improvement.

The goal now is to keep pressing on. Life is filled with disappointments and having to make adjustments, you have to be adaptable. When all hope seems to be lost or seems bleak as hell you still have to pray for the best. Well not even praying for the best, you make the best out of what you have. With that being said I am sure I will be making some changes coming up. Changes are not a bad thing.

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