All work and no play make Nick a dull boy

I have to thank a reply by my friend Tiffany for inspiring the title for this blog. I couldn't shake it out of my head so I figured oh hell let me use that as a blog title. So thank you Tiffany! I must be in the writing mood today as this is now the 2nd blog I have written today. Normally I don't write back to back blogs like that but eh hell if I am feeling it today I may as well go with it right?

The facebook post was about how it was snowing today and I was thinking to myself why I never did my "shovel man" story. I think at one point I did start it but I scrapped it due to lack of interest at the time. Actually I think it was more or less I was distracted by stupidity. I know at least one or two people will understand what I mean by that without going into a long explanation about it. Anyways my shovel man story I had come up with was because I was shoveling snow one day and I put my shovel up in the air and I started saying "I AM SHOVEL MAN" you know kinda like "I AM IRON MAN" but I changed the iron man to shovel man. Yes I am weird, I never denied that. Then I went on to think of a story about this hard working man who is treated like shit by his wife and kids. His wife is having an affair behind his back but he basically knows it but won't do anything about it cause he is weak. Finally while shoveling snow one day and his kids deciding to be bratty and pissing him off he snaps and kills them all with a shovel. A bit sick and twisted maybe but who thinks of to murder people by using a shovel? It is an unusual weapon. This whole thing is a random idea I have been tossing around. There are a few other ideas I am working on too. You all might be hearing from me more often.

Oh btw I do like the movie the Shining. I wouldn't quote a movie if I didn't like it. Well almost a full quote, the name is changed. I was told the book is more terrifying then the movie. I may have to read it one day. I am not much of a book reader which is surprising because the majority of the time I am online I am reading something. I've been reading the book The Seventh Son and yes I do think it is a good book so far just I don't know, reading a book basically puts me to sleep. Anyways if you are one of those people who have never seen the Shining before I recommend watching it.

It is snowing again. Oh joy. It doesn't really bother me that much. I mean yeah ok I will have to shovel tomorrow morning. It could be much worse though. Could be the 20 inches of snow that we had about 2 years ago. That was an awesome storm though. The snow was at least 4 feet deep from our door across our driveway to the neighbor's house. Couldn't get the door open. That is epic in my opinion. I wouldn't mind another storm like that actually. Careful what I wish for though right?

I decided to stop linking my blog posts on my personal facebook page. I get tired of having these links and crap all over my wall. Instead I figured I would make my own personal facebook page dedicated to just my blog type stuff. Maybe my wall will be less cluttered and I can make my blogs to be on a more personal basis for my 1-2 readers. I told a friend it was my way of "being professional about it" lol.

This weekend I am going to be making a chicken noodle soup for the first time. Technically this is my first time making any type of soup. I am looking forward to it. It should turn out rather well in my opinion. I do love to cook quite a bit. I should really look into doing something with that but there are a few other things to take care of first.

Oh speaking of cooking I noticed that our local grocery store is discontinuing the chicken helper chicken fried rice. What the hell? I have been cooking that stuff for, I dunno 15 years or so and now it is going to be gone? This is a great injustice! Oh well I suppose I will just have to come up with my own receipe. I can do it!

That is about all for now. I hope to be back soon with some more of my awesome ramblings. Who knows I may have a surprise for people soon. Until then this is the Nick signing out.

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