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It has been awhile since I talked about anything paranormal in any of my blogs. It doesn't mean that nothing happens in this house. For the most part it is my father who is the one who notices anything going on. For me anyways it has been quiet for quite awhile. My father on the other hand says he sees shadows in the house or what looks like a person walking through the hallway really quickly. He can never really make anything out, he just catches a glimpse of it the majority of the time. Then in his bedroom is the touch lamp that goes on and off by itself. It has been doing this since my mother passed away. I have witnessed this myself a few times. Walking to the bathroom I have seen the light come on and turn off. Last night me and my father were both in his room and I was getting something from the closet and the light turned on by itself. Other then that my father has been the one experiencing things in the house. He has felt someone touching or pulling at him and even someone shaking his bed one night. I've also experienced the bed shaking thing before. I thought there was a little earthquake going on but seeing as how I live in Milwaukee it is unlikely we would feel an earthquake here. Like I said for me personally it has been quiet, until last night.

There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night at some point and stay up for a little bit then go back to sleep for a few hours. Apparently this is a common thing for people. To me it is somewhat annoying at times. Last night a bit after 5am, probably closer to 5:30 actually I woke up and went by my computer for a little bit. Normally I just play bejeweled on facebook and then head back to bed. This was my plan. So I laid back down. I am unsure of the time frame of the events but I know it must of been like 5:45-6am. Anyways my cats are active around that time of the morning but normally they never bother me. They never make any loud bangs or thumping noises and when they come up the stairs they run up the stairs. So I was about to fall asleep. My eyes were closed and then I hear what sounds like someone coming up the stairs. Except it does not sound like one of my cats going up the stairs instead it is a slow creaking noise on my steps. I immediately opened my eyes and my first thought is if it isn't my cats then well it is either a burgular or a ghost. I just laid there with my eyes opened waiting for something else to happen if anything. Nothing happened. No movement. No noises. I did have my tv on low volume and my humidifier on in my room but neither one of them could of made the noise I heard. It was a distinct slow creaking noise on my steps. After nothing else happened I did what I normally do, shrug it off and try to go back to sleep. So I close my eyes again and I am laying there and like a couple of minutes later it feels like something hit my couch/bed with some force. My cat Loco does like to go underneath my couch to sleep or play around but the movement came with some force. More force then some little cat could do. I immediately opened up my eyes and started looking around to see if I could see anything. Nothing around, not even my cats. So I do what I normally do in a case like this, I said "ok if that wasn't my cats then well I know you are in here and that is great and all but I would like to go back to sleep. Thank you." I fell back asleep and had no further incidents.

No further incidents until this afternoon while I was browsing on my laptop in the kitchen. I was sitting here talking to a friend and at first I hear a loud bang noise, like something had fallen or gotten knocked over. I have no idea where it came from. I just know it was behind me somewhere. Where I was in the kitchen is at the dining room table with the fridge behind me and to my right is the stairs that lead to downstairs and the outside area and then the stairs that lead upstairs. No idea where it came from exactly but I heard it. Cats screwing around upstairs? Possible. I am not sure where they were at that moment so I can't rule out cats on this one. I didn't really get up to investigate, I just sat here and went about my business. Then I hear what sounds like someone whistling like right by me. Again weird but really what am I suppose to do? Demand that a spirit come out and show me they are here? Anyways a little bit of time passes and then I hear someone whispering my name. I am like what the hell is going on all of a sudden? I go from having nothing happen to me for awhile and now its a series of different things. Since this last incident nothing else has happened, then again I suppose the night is still young.

Now there is a bit of a back story. I can't say if all this is related but it just seems a bit weird to me. About 2 months ago one night I had a dream. I do not remember everything that happened in the dream. I do know that me and my father had traveled to Florida to go to Disney and it was a bit busy so we decided to purchase Disney tickets for a few days later so we wouldn't have to wait in an insane line to get in. It was a weird dream cause it was for Disney but it really wasn't Disney. What I remember specifically about that dream though is that the tickets that my father had bought had a date and it had a time on it. The date on the ticket was February 23rd and the time on the ticket was 2:54am. I am a big believer in dreams trying to tell us something. I am not sure what the dream was trying to tell me specifically. Yes I have looked it up and whatnot. I just find it weird that after it has been so long that I hadn't had any paranormal experiences that on the day that appears on the ticket in my dream is the day that I start having experiences again. I can't be too sure if everything is connected but still you can't help but wonder. Maybe it was a way of telling me to get back into my paranormal stuff? New possibilities in my life if I continue with diving into the paranormal? I suppose it is possible.

Now I'm anxious to see what might happen next.

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