A rainy Monday night

Today was a beautiful day. Well ok not entirely. It did get up to 48 degrees though but it was cloudy and gloomy most of the day and now it is pouring rain. Soon it will be snowing and then tomorrow we are back down into the teens with wind chills at 0. I love this weather! The pattern has been like this for the entire winter. We get some snow and it gets cold out, it warms up for like a day or two then it goes back down to freezing and after everything has melted we get more snow on top of it. This has been the pattern this winter. Makes me wonder what spring and summer will hold for us. As long as we get some awesome thunderstorms this year I will be happy well as long as something freakish doesn't happen like me getting struck my lightning cause that would suck. I suppose if I survive it I could try to be funny about it and make a facebook status like "got struck by lightning today...lol...I survived".

I had fun writing the 2nd part to my Face story last night. I didn't know where exactly I was going with it, I mean some parts I had preplanned but it was sorta write it as I go. Doing stuff like that makes me happy. I don't claim to be a good writer or whatever but I do it cause it makes me happy just like writing these silly blogs. People may see it as pointless or having no context or anything like that but I like doing this. I am pretty sure I will write a Face 3 I am just unsure right now where to go with it. Yeah I have ideas just wondering how long I can keep it going and where I can go with it. It has the potential in my opinion to continue on for awhile. A friend of mine told me that I was creating my own Zombie land. I suppose in a way I am. Btw I just finally saw that movie, freaking awesome. Loved the movie. Why I hadn't watched it sooner is beyond me. Anyways I am sure at some point I will work on Face 3. Maybe this time around I will start writing down ideas and making notes of where I am in the story before continuing.

So I was going to shave my head. I decided against it for right now. Why? Well thanks to it still being winter and it being on and off cold outside I figured I would just wait a bit. I am still going to do it but not right now. I do need a haircut though. I look like I have a mini afro going and it drives me nuts.

I am still playing Rocksmith. They haven't really put out that great of downloadable songs lately. Well not songs that interest me right away but I do in time try to get most of the songs that they offer. May as well. Even if it isn't a band I am necessarily into it is always good to test out new songs. Anyways the pack coming out tomorrow sounds like a good one, to me anyways. Kansas-Carry on my Wayward Son, Judas Priest-You've got another thing comin, and Ram Jam-Black Betty. I especially like the Priest song. Always wanted to learn how to play that one. I am actually considering making my first guitar cover video. Not sure when but maybe sometime in the near future. I have to make sure I can play the song I am picking all the way through with no issues before I get brave enough to record me. So I guess tomorrow I will be playing Rocksmith for an extended period of time.

It sounds like one of the first rock bands to be added to Summer fest as a headliner is going to be Rush. I never claimed to be a huge Rush fan but I do like quite a bit of their songs so they would be a cool band to go see. I know I would enjoy myself if I got to see them in concert. So maybe that will be one show that I am going to over the summer. Lets hope for some more good stuff.

I think that is about all for now. I am going to kick back and listen to some music and laugh at random stuff on facebook, which I have already been doing this entire time. Been distracting me from my blog. I will be back soon!

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