I meant to write a blog a couple of days ago but got sidetracked by a few things...the super bowl, this stupid sinus infection that I have, snow shoveling, etc. I suppose in a way it worked out as I have a bit more to say this time around.

The significance of the title is that 2-3-98 is the day that my mother passed away. On Sunday it was the 15th anniversary of her passing. Over the years it has gotten easier for me to cope on that day. I mean I still miss her and think about her a lot but with all the stuff that she was going through in her life I can assure you that she is much happier now. Normally I can get through that day pretty easily but on Sunday I admit I was struggling. I was listening to music and I guess it just triggered it. I was getting overly emotional over everything...music, anything I watch on tv, etc. I am fine now just I dunno it was a bit of a rough day for me. I wouldn't say I was completely miserable though just had a hard time dealing. I am fine now though.

I watched all of the super bowl this year. I was sorta shocked that I did. Typically I do not watch the entire game if the Packers are not involved. In fact prior to this I had only watched 3 full super bowls in the past 15 years and that was cause the Packers were in it. Anyways I watched all of the game. I am not a fan of the Ravens but I was cheering for them to win. I have nothing against the Niners. In fact a long time ago I use to really like them. One of the first super bowls I watched was the Niners and the Bengals. Just after they stomped the Packers in the playoffs I found it very hard to cheer for them. Well the Ravens ended up winning the game. They were up 28-6 at one point and then suddenly the power went out in half the stadium and they delayed the game for about 35 minutes. I knew that was bad and it was going to turn the whole game around. It did. It ended up being a close down to the last play game. Ravens won 34-31. Course though there were some questionable calls and cause of it I see a lot of 49ers fans and whatnot commenting on how they were screwed in the game and they should of won. Yeah maybe if the calls went their way they should of won. What people fail to realize is that they were even lucky to be in it at the end like that. If they truly wanted to win that game they shouldn't of allowed themselves to go down 28-6. To start blaming the refs for their loss is totally ridiculous. If you want to win the game you need to play the full 60 minutes and not worry about some bad call. That is my take on the entire thing. Sounds logical to me.

It seems as if it has been snowing every other day here. I can handle the cold and I can handle the snow. What I tend to get annoyed with is we get little snow a bunch of times. I would rather just get a nice snowstorm then to have it snow like 1-3 inches every couple of days. Seriously I went out to shovel some snow Thursday, Saturday, yesterday, and now today. I guess if there is a silver lining to all of this it would be that at least I am getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air. I can't bitch all that much though cause my sister's bf does plow the majority of our driveway so if it wasn't for him I would have a lot more to do.  I suppose I should also be thankful for not having to go out and shovel 20 inches of snow or something. That would just blow.

My typical winter sinus problems/infections are in effect atm. This happens quite a bit during the winter for me. I would say once a month. My nose gets runny and there is like this pressure by my nose lower head area. Lasts usually up to a week. It is annoying but I suppose it is what it is.

My dreams the last few nights have been rather interesting. There have been some random stuff going on but they end up being pretty decent. I won't go into detail about the dreams but I think I already discovered what the meaning behind them are cause the two dreams sorta both end in the same way. See even if I don't mention to people what my plans are or I don't say what they are in this blog I do have some things planned in the near future for myself. What my dreams are telling me that if I succeed in doing what it is that I am trying to do then at the end of it not only will I find happiness but I may even find love. Maybe that isn't what the dreams are telling me but that is the message that I get out of it and it is good enough for me.

Here is to the future, it will only be as awesome as I will allow it to be.

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