February 10th, one of those days that has a noteable history for me in my life. Actually life changing events to be honest. I added another one today too. I made chicken noodle soup for the first time ever. Ok it wasn't really something that was noteable but I wanted today to be special too. I thought it turned out ok. Trial and error. At least now I know what to do and what not to do.  No that is not what prompted a blog for today. It was planned before I even made chicken noodle soup. So lets time travel a bit.

8 years ago today in 2005 my divorce was finalized. I honestly didn't have to do anything except for sign a piece of paper. It was definitely a life changing thing for me. Going through the whole process. Now when I look back at that whole thing it wasn't necessarily the end of the world like I thought it would be. I think it is just natural for people to just think the worse when something happens. I certainly did. For all parties involved it was the best thing that could of possibly happened. I say over the years I have learned a lot about myself. Course you know I've made some of the same mistakes over and over but I think eventually or well at least I hope eventually that if you repeatedly do the same stupid shit one day you snap out of it and find new mistakes to make. We are all going to make mistakes from time to time we just have to hope it is new ones and not the same old song and dance that we have been doing. Anyways that was Feb 10th history number one or actually it should of been number two or well whatever you all know what I mean

21 years ago in 1992, I have to point out first that between this one and the last one there is a 13 year difference, there goes the number 13 again. In 1992 on this day was when I went I had surgery done to remove my right testicle. The story is in my blog somewhere. November of 09 I think? Maybe October or September? I am not sure and I am not about to look it up at the moment. Life changing event? Oh I would say so. The effects were long lasting. I had people take it upon themselves to try to make my life a living hell. Apparently a guy with one testicle is someone who is a freak of nature and is not normal and should be treated as such. I take it as one of those if we don't understand it or if we don't want to understand it then it is better to cast it out, make fun of it, not associate with it, etc. I am not even sure how this whole conversation between some people would get started. Oh hey do you know that dude named Nick? Dude only has one testicle? Oh my God are you serious? At least now a days if people find out about it or know about it the only thing I really hear is when am I going to be able to see it? If I decide to ever post a random picture on my blog of it at least you all know why now. Don't worry because I would never do that.

So I am left to wonder if there is a 13 year interval then something should happen that is noteworthy on Feb 10th, 2018. I have 5 more years. Ok so I won't live the next 5 years thinking to myself oh no what can happen on that day. Have to be curious though since you know the number 13 seems to have a strong connection in my life. Guess we'll see what happens. No one is saying that it would necessarily have to be something bad. It is a matter of opinion if my divorce was a bad or good thing. In 5 years lets see if anything major happens on this day until then I will continue with my other ramblings.

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