Blog number 150. It is not really that big of a deal. I was thinking about how long I have been doing these online journals and what not and I really must be over 1000 by now. That seems like a lot to be honest. Then again I started doing this sort of stuff almost 12 years ago. My livejournal alone from 2001 to 2005 had over 750 journal entries. Then I continued onto blogging on myspace and now this. Everything I had written on livejournal is now gone. Some of my myspace stuff still remains though. Over the years I would like to think my blogs have become more different then when I had first started writing. Instead of being angry at the world and basically thinking I should get everything I wanted handed to me I now realize that was just well immature on my part. Don't a lot of people feel like that though at times? As I continue to blog I hope that I will continue on a path that is positive but yet with the occasional Nick humor. I want to say thank you to anyone who reads my blogs too. Often times I don't stick to one thing, I jump around from subject to subject. It may be hard for some people to read so for those who stick with my blogs and read them it means the world to me. My main reason for writing is because it is something that I love to. I hope to expand on this in the future.

We just learned this week that the pope is resigning from being a pope later on this month. This is a big thing because a pope has not stepped down in like 600 years. That is crazy. They say his bad health is a major factor in why he is stepping down but don't you wonder if it has more to do with all the stuff that goes on in the church with the sex scandals and whatnot? I am not going to sit here and bash religion and whatnot. I never liked organized religion. I always felt in my heart that as long as I pray to God and talk to him then I didn't necessarily have to step foot in a church. This is just what I believe. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer for this one. Other people feel differently then me and that is fine. Does this mean I rule out going to church all together? No it does not. In fact I wouldn't mind going to church more. Anyways though the sex scandals are just ridiculous. From what I gather is despite all the claims people stand by the priests. I can not stress enough how terrible it is to touch kids inappropriately. You want to preach the word of God and then behind closed doors do the sick and twisted things like that? Then to have people cover up these things and defend it and try to pass it off as not a big deal. It is a big deal. Being molested or sexually abused is a big deal. Regardless of what people may tell you people who have been through this live with these scars for the rest of their life's and it can and will possibly effect them later in life even with therapy and whatnot. How do I know? I have seen it first hand what molestation does to a person even if they went through it many years ago. Honestly I would like to be able to look at priests and think to myself that they are good people who spread the word of God and generally are there for people when they need it. That image has been tainted. No offense to my uncle of course. My uncle is a priest and he is a great guy. Just around other priests your mind starts to wonder "gee what does this guy do behind closed doors". So honestly the reason why the pope is resigning is a lot deeper then they lead us to believe, they just won't say so.

On to rant number two. I am a music lover. I listen to all kinds of music and I enjoy a variety of different bands. My heart is with heavy metal though specifically older stuff. Obviously I must enjoy music enough as I am learning to play both bass and guitar. Anyways yesterday me and Mary are having a discussion about music, more specially Justin Bieber. I don't really have anything against the kid, I just do not really care for his music at all. She linked me a few videos of Bieber fans going nuts because his concert sold out. I mean literally these girls were acting like their best friend died. It was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen in my life. It gets better though. I then watched a video about this girl who was wanting to kill herself because Bieber did not win a grammy. Are you fucking kidding me? First off I understand that people get overly obsessed with people and they literally think that they would die if something would ever happen to them. I myself have an obsession with Amy Lee of Evanescence. I love that chick. Her voice, her music, everything. When I saw Evanescence back in October of 2011 it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Seeing her walk on stage and knowing that she was in the same room as me was amazing. I did not go apeshit though. I had a good time cheering and singing along to songs. I understand that younger people do not understand that sometimes their obsessions cross the line. My question is where are the parents? Why do you let your kids get so obsessed about someone that they act like it is the end of the world when something does not go their way? Seriously a teenage girl threatening to kill herself over Justin Bieber, where the fuck are the parents? Pay attention to what the hell your daughter is doing and do something about it. This is what pisses me off about popular music. Everyone acts like it is ok for people to obsess and be like this over some singer but lets say someone supposedly kills themselves over a song or shoots up a school they go look towards my genre of music pointing fingers. How is the obsessions of these teenagers any better then that? Because it is popular so it is ok. No it does not make it ok. I really hate that when something bad happens lets go and see what heavy metal/hard rock band we can go blame it on but when some chick says she is going to kill herself over Justin Bieber everyone acts like it is fucking normal. It is not normal! It will never be normal! Either you are consistent in the headhunting for music or you just don't do it at all and let people listen to and enjoy music the way that they should be. Oh and girls no singer/boyband/whatever is worth getting so bent out of shape that you have to ball your eyes out and threaten suicide, just wait until someone breaks your heart later in life or someone you love and care about die...that is much worse.

Rant 3. The whole Black Sabbath reunion thing. Seeing as how I am a huge Black Sabbath fan I am all for a tour and a new album. I am eagerly awaiting it. I love Sabbath. Out of any bands that I listen to I would say they are the biggest influence in me picking up a guitar. Now the reunion though is not a full fledged reunion as the original drummer Bill Ward has decided not to go with the band. So now all I see is people say "its not Sabbath without Bill" "this isn't a reunion, it is Ozzy with friends" "the new album and tour is going to suck cause it isn't really Sabbath". You know what I say? Shut the hell up. My God. So it isn't a full fledged reunion. So fucking what? For me it is just good enough that the majority of the original Sabbath is going to get together. Why can't people just sit back and just enjoy the music that these godfathers of metal are going to put out without the bitching and complaining? I don't care if it is only 1/2 of the original Sabbath getting together..music is music so I am going to enjoy every last second of it. When I saw Sabbath in concert at Ozzfest back in 97 that was a magical experience to me. Some people just can not enjoy anything without bitching and complaining though. You know what though? Go ahead, boycott the new music and the band and the tour cause then if they come to Milwaukee and I go then guess what? More room for me to stand there and enjoy one of the best bands ever because you can't seem to get over shit and just enjoy the music.

Rant 4. Metallica. For 22 years they have been one of my favorite bands. I at one point within the last year decided that Sabbath was my favorite band. Metallica was the first concert I ever went to. I've gotten people into listening to Metallica. I've took people to see them. I've played them at parties I use to throw. They have been a big part of my life. Every single day though I have to see people just constantly bash them. Saying that they have gotten old, they sold out, they suck, they haven't had a good album in years. It is annoying to the point of nausea. People have tried to tell me that Metallica sucks thinking they are going to get a reaction. Hate to burst your bubble but that stuff does not have any effect on me. I don't care if you like them or hate them I am just tired of seeing everyone express their opinion about them on a daily basis. Newsflash people Kill Em All was released 30 years ago. Master of Puppets was 27 years ago. They will never have another record like them ever. Their music has evolved over time. They try something different. So they want to experiment with things? So what? It is their music, they are allowed to do whatever they want with it. If they decide tomorrow that they want to see if they can do gangster rap well then more power to them for wanting to try something new. Although I couldn't see Lars waving his hands in the air trying to rap. I know why people say they sold out and changed their sound and whatnot. Their music went mainstream and in metal that is a big no no. You don't go mainstream if you are a heavy metal band. Ok but it happened and it happened a long time ago. Get over it already or just move on. Tossing the same old insults for years upon years just gets old and tiring and us people who stood by Metallica through anything that they have done are not going to change our minds about their music. People just do not handle change very well especially if it is one of their favorite bands trying new stuff. I get the hate towards Metallica I just wish that people would put their time and energy into something worth while, not into something that isn't going to change the world. The new Metallica is here to stay and Master of Puppets was 27 years ago. Move on.

Rant 5. Oh hell I am on a roll I may as well continue with some other things on my mind. I love paranormal stuff. I have been surrounded by strange occurrences the majority of my life. About 11 years ago it prompted me to explore ghost hunting. At the time it was rather unheard of and definitely not mainstream. In fact telling someone you were interested in ghost hunting it made people look at you like you were a lunatic. Since then I admit I haven't been involved in it nearly as much as I would like to. I still experience things in this house and I have blogged about things over the years. Ghost hunting has went too mainstream though. Maybe I have talked about this in an earlier blog. Hell I couldn't possibly remember everything I write. Anyways we now have all these reality shows dedicated to the paranormal and ghost hunting and tons of movies out there such as Paranormal Activity. In a way it is great to see it become more popular cause now it is an open subject where someone doesn't think you are nuts for doing it but at the same time popularity has its consequences. I read a lot about people vandalizing cemeteries and all these other "haunted" places. It is sad really. Where do people get the ideas of going to these places in the first place? By watching all the reality tv that we have on now a day. I think it encourages people to become more interested and active in the paranormal which for some it is a good thing but others it is bad. People just want to really see something jump out at them and scare the shit out of them. That is not how it works. Reality tv almost makes it seem like something is always going to happen and this is not the case at all. So what I think happens is people watch one of these shows and think oh I want to go see some shit that will scare me. So they go out to a cemetery or whatever and when something doesn't pop out at them they become bored and pissed off. What else is there to do at a cemetery besides just leaving? Vandalism. Teenagers in particular would most likely be the culprit to acts such as this. Granted another cause for vandalism now a days is people down on their luck with no money just wanting to take stuff and then sell it for money. Do I watch these reality ghost shows? Yes I do watch some of them. Do I believe they are fake? Yes I do believe the majority of them are bullshit. Stop faking this crap just so you can make some money and leading your audience to believe that you see shit all the time. Ghost hunting should of never been about money in the first place. It should be to understand why after the dead have passed on why we still see them on occasion.

Rant 6. Ok so there isn't a number 6. When I started this blog I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it exactly. Some of these things have been on my mind for awhile. Some of these things really aren't even that big of a deal, it was just something for me to talk about. People can chose to agree or disagree with anything that I have said, doesn't bother me one way or another. I will be back tomorrow though with a blog just for Valentine's day.

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