Through the Never

So here it is a Saturday night and I am sitting here screwing around on my laptop in the kitchen wondering what to do. I have been wanting to write a blog for the past couple of days but for whatever reason I was stalling. So I put on my headphones and turn on some Metallica and here I am ready to write whatever pops into my head. I was going to write a blog bout the year 1998. I decided against it for now. I may do it down the road but after thinking about it for a bit I decided that regardless of whatever I may write about it what is done is done and I can not change that now. I don't think it was going to be negative or anything but I felt no need to bring up some old memories.

We are about to take a plunge temperature wise in the next few days. Oh joy. We did manage to climb back into the 40s but within a few days we are expected to possibly be below zero. Times like this make me miss living in Florida quite a bit. Honestly I don't mind winter all too much but right now in particular I am having a difficult time with winter cause I was really into my going for walk routine and well I suppose if I put on 50 pounds of clothing I probably could but who wants to really do that? On the plus side it seems like time is moving by fast anyways so before I know it the weather should be halfway decent enough for me to go for walks again. Yes I suppose I still have the exercise bike and yeah we do have a treadmill. I have been on the treadmill and the thing just scares me. I feel like I am going to bust my face open by falling or something. Besides for me personally nothing beats going out for walk and breathing in the polluated Milwaukee air.

I failed to mention that in April right before my birthday I will be going up to Green Bay to take a tour of the Packer hall of fame and of Lambeau Field. It is a Milwaukee County Zoo thing and we are going with them. Bus ride and food and whatnot is included in the price. Should be a fun time. My brother, his wife, and my nephews are going. Apparently we will actually be able to set foot on Lambeau Field. How cool is that? It is still 3 months away but I am looking forward to that.

Starting job hunting again. I really need a job and I need one soon. I am not even really concerned about the pay or whatever I just want to get back out there again. I can't go ahead with some of my future plans until I have a steady income again. I said to myself within 2 weeks I will have a job. Having confidence is key. I have always said "I hope" that I find something, screw that. Have the confidence and go make it happen! I did apply to the place where my nephew works and they noticed the last name right away and asked if I was related. So maybe that will help.

Still playing guitar a lot more then I use to. I am getting bored of Rocksmith though. Don't get me wrong I have learned a lot from the game but right now they just aren't adding stuff that I want to learn. I know I can just look up tabs and print them out and whatnot but the visual help that Rocksmith has offered me as been great. I would be happy if they added more stuff like Maiden, Metallica, and Sabbath. As long as I have songs that I have yet to master I will continue to play the game though.

Really nothing else to say atm. Maybe in the near future I will have more to say. Hopefully some good stuff too.

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