My Skin...It Burns!

Been a few days so I figured I would take some time to write something. I could write a blog ranting about the Packers and how much they failed this weekend but that wouldn't be very interesting and it would be kinda pointless seeing as how it is just a game anyways. Although I do have to say it was disappointing to see their season end for a second straight year with a miserable loss in the playoffs. I shall refrain from saying anything else about that as I just said it is just a game anyways, life goes on.

We went shopping yesterday and my stomach was bothering me. See I have been adding a bit more fiber to my diet and stupid me didn't realize that I should be drinking more then I do so what happens? My stomach gets upset. I won't get into those details though. So we are at the store and I determined that I had to use the bathroom. Ugh, public restrooms. So disgusting. After I was done I made sure to wash my hands really good. Can't be too careful now a days or can you? I must of washed my hands with soap at least 4 times before leaving. When I got home I still feel dirty so I went to wash my hands again. Well cause I over washed too much I started to develop a burning sensation on both wrists of both of my hands which later turned into a rash on my left wrist. Course I started freaking out. I mean the cellulitis thing scared me months prior so any little unusual reaction my body has I tend to freak out. My skin was red, bumpy, and had some lines in it. After reading a few things online I determined that I developed dermatitis. Nothing major thank God and so far today it has been ok.

I decided to make out an A-Z list of all the dvds we have. I did not know it was going to be such a time consuming process. Took me over 2 hours but at least now I know what dvds are laying around in the house. We have just under 250 movies. Not too shabby. Wonder how many of them I have yet to watch. Wouldn't be surprised if I haven't gone through half of them.

I was going through some old stuff of mine yesterday and came across some letters from a few friends. They dated back to 1998 and it got me thinking about that year in general. A lot of things happened to me in that year. Think I may actually blog about it. It is nothing that made me upset or whatever, it just made me think a lot about stuff that had happened. I don't dwell on things that have happened but I do look back at things and think about how everything has pieced together to where I am now. So if I write an upcoming blog titled 1998 you all will know why before even reading it.

January is just about halfway over with. I can not wait until it gets warmer outside. Warm weather means I will be able to go for walks on a more consistent basis, summer concert season, being able to drive around and do things, and I suppose I may throw in that it means women will be wearing less clothing. Hey I am a guy and I am single so I am allowed to look! I honestly do not mind the cold weather. I can still go for walks on occasion but dealing with the wind is what makes me not go for walks. It could be 20 degrees outside but if there is no wind I will still go for a walk. Sometimes that cold air is really refreshing. Either way warm weather, I can not wait until it gets here.

That is about all for now. Good that I am blogging a lot more again. Sure my blogs may seem pointless with little direction or me just rambling but what is wrong with that? At least I am expressing myself.

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