I got a feeling

Time for some big news! I met some random chick and got her pregnant over the weekend. Ok maybe not. Stuff like that would just never happen to me. Well maybe I shouldn't say never. Crazy shit does tend to happen from time to time. Anyways though I suppose I do have some biggish type news.

I started up playing WoW again back in August. I had went about 15 months without playing it. Got back into my old guild and was raiding again with the new expansion that had come out. The thing is towards the end of November I noticed that I was once again spending too much time on the game and sorta neglecting some things again. So I started drifting away from the game a bit again. This past week I had been questioning myself about what was more important to me. Do I want to continue to play a game where ok I can possibly meet people but not have any real life reward or can I devote my time to doing something that I find worth while like making more time for stuff like playing guitar or my writing. I finally answered that question on Friday. It was a no brainer. It is time to give up my online gaming again. I can't say I completely neglected my life this time around playing WoW. I mean on the day the expansion came out that is the day I got my license. Right now though my priorities have been drifting away from needing to be on a MMO. So yeah that was the big news. Maybe not big to some people but it is my blog and I decide what is important and what isn't.

The NFL playoffs started this weekend. My prediction for the super bowl since like before the season was the Broncos and Packers. I still stand by that right now. The Packers play the 49ers next weekend. It is going to be a tough game but it is a game we can win I believe. My prediction for the NFC championship game is the Seahawks and the Packers. I believe many people want to see a rematch of those two teams after "the failmary" incident in week 3 of this season. I know as a Packer fan I certainly want to see the Pack get some revenge.

Been feeling a little bit off as of late. I think it has to do with my anxiety and I have been kinda neglecting my diet. So in an attempt to shake it a bit I think despite the cold and whatnot I am going to attempt to go back to walking this week. Walking has been like the best thing for me these past few months and since I haven't really went out for one lately I think it has been messing with me a bit. Plus I need to get back to better dieting. The holiday season got me off track a bit and I kinda hate myself right now.

Anyways think I am going to stop there and go play some guitar for a bit. See I am making good use of my Sunday night, writing and then some guitar playing. I think this upcoming week is going to be a good one. I am not entirely sure why, it is just one of those feelings.

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