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I am quite proud of myself atm. Tonight I cooked dinner for me and my father. I made mac and cheese. No not homemade stuff although I am considering it one of these times. It was the Kraft box stuff. Normally I suck at making it. I am unsure why. I mean I can cook stuff like stuffed shells and lasagna but yet my mac and cheese always turns out like crap. Kinda funny actually. Tonight though the mac and cheese turned out pretty decent. What did I do differently this time? Well normally I don't always follow the box well this time I followed the directions on the box. Hmm I think it is a sign Nick, follow the box.

No I didn't start a blog to just talk about mac and cheese, it was just the first thing on my mind. It has been rather cold here and on and off light snow. Actually it was very cold. We got down to like -5 earlier this week. I know I went outside when it was like -1 or whatever and I was like oh my God is it cold. Times like this make me wish I was still living in Florida. Minus the chance of hurricanes Florida was not all too bad.

Been kinda feeling eh a bit the past few days. No I don't think I am sick or coming down with anything. What I think is going on is my pills are bothering me more now then it was. I think the easiest explanation for it is cause there has been a lack of exercise on my part lately. Been cold and really without having those walks that I go on I have a lack of motivation. I think this is why I have felt a little bit out of whack lately. With the pills I am on for possibly being pre diabetic I am suppose to be exercising. So yep think I have it figured out why I been feeling out of whack.

Thank God I moderate comments for my blog. Not many typically comment anyways but I was getting a lot of spam for one of my blog entries trying to get me to check out this psychic website and whatnot. I must of gotten at least 10 things so far. Very annoying. So if you are reading this psychic website person I am not going to check out your website because I am pretty sure it is some bullshit website that will either want me to buy something or give me viruses.

On to the big news. I may have a job soon. I put in my app at Piggly Wiggly where my nephew works and they called me up for an interview a few days later. I went in on Wednesday for an interview. I felt it went ok. Actually I am 99.9% sure that I will get this job. He told me he had to check out references and whatnot. Typical stuff. I imagine that Monday or Tuesday I will end up getting a call back. If by some chance that I do not get the job well it isn't the end of the world and I will just have to keep on looking. When one door closes another door will open. Good to see that I have some confidence now a days. It was needed years ago.

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