A Nightmare on...

How bout a blog inspired by Freddy Krueger. Over the years I have had a wide variety of things haunting my dreams. Aliens, demons, ghosts, my ex wife. Ok that last one was suppose to be a joke. There is one thing that has always tormented me in my dreams and that is Freddy Krueger. Yes I know the movies are fictional and I know that the story is fictional. It still hasn't helped me over the years. Freddy keeps on finding his way back into my dreams from time to time like last night.

I love horror movies. I have seen many horror movies over the years. Sometimes they bother me or screw with my mind a bit. Mainly movies with demons, ghosts, or anything to that effect. I know it is just my mind playing tricks on me or I am just overly thinking something is going to jump out at me. I know some people would understand but I think you would have to be me to understand me totally. I don't know if that made any sense but to me it makes perfect sense. See if you read back through my past blogs I have experienced a fair share of "paranormal activity" so when I watch a movie I tend to get a bit paranoid or whatnot. Horror movies such as Friday the 13th or Halloween have never bothered me. In fact some horror movies I just find humorous cause they are predictable or it is the same crap every movie. Freddy has always been different for me.

Don't get me wrong though I love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. They just effect me differently then they may for other people. It started when I was a kid. I use to watch horror movies all the time as a kid. Probably not the best idea for a kid to watch blood and gore. Other kids are watching their cartoons and Sesame Street or whatever and I am watching people get murdered. Amazing I didn't turn out to be a serial killer huh? Anyhow I use to be able to watch the Freddy movies no problem until we moved to this house. It happened one night while I was sleeping on the couch in the living room. I woke up at some point late in the night and my brother was watching the first movie. It was at the part in the movie where Freddy was walking down the alley with his extended arms. I don't remember watching much more of the movie then that at the time. A few hours later I woke up screaming cause I was having a nightmare about Freddy.

This was the beginning of me having my dreams randomly invaded by Freddy. I remember once having a basketball dream and all of a sudden Freddy appeared and was getting interviewed or something. I would wake up and every time I went back to sleep he kept popping up regardless of what the dream was. It did not stop me from watching the movies though. I knew how they were going to effect me but it did not stop me from seeing them. I remember going to see Nightmare on Elm Street 4 in the theatre with my brother and his friends. I had my hand in front of my face almost the entire time. I saw a few other movies in the theater too.

Over the years the dreams started taking a different turn. Instead of Freddy trying to kill me he would at times try to get me to help him kill. There was one where I helped him slaughter a playground full of kids. I had my own glove too. Then there was another dream where he told me he would kill me if I didn't have sex with certain females. Naturally I decided that in order to save my life I would have to have lots of sex. There were many dreams over the years and quite a few of them containing some comedy value to them.

Then last night. We decided to watch the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I am going to be honest and say I didn't think the movie was that bad when I first watched it but after another watch I don't care for it at all. The story is changed too much. Freddy looks and acts weird. It just is not Freddy without Robert Englund. I was prepared for what might end up being a long sleepless night. I did get an ok night of sleep but not without a return from Freddy in one of my dreams. I am not even sure what all was going on. I know he wanted to kill me but he was having a hard time doing it so he transformed into this good looking female. This female totally seduced me and we start having sex. I knew it was Freddy the entire time but this chick was really hot so I seemed powerless to stop. Some point during the middle of sex the claws were exposed and I got cut pretty good. I managed to get out of that and somehow I found this huge sword like thing and I managed to cut Freddy to death.

I know I am probably crazy for watching these movies considering how much they do actually effect me but I still find the movies enjoyable. The best way to overcome and conquer your fear is to face fear head on. If you can not face your fear you can not beat it. Maybe I have a fear of watching these movies but I will never overcome it if I totally avoid the movies. Now to apply this line of thinking to other things I may fear.

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