Today is 1/3/13 which if you put the numbers together it is 1313 which is my home address. Cool huh? Hey it gives me an excuse to write a blog at least. The number 13 has always been a big deal in my family and in my own life. If I knew why I would tell you all but I don't necessarily understand it myself. It is just one of those weird things. I believe I have talked about it in an earlier blog or blogs at some point.

I feel my anxiety coming back a bit. I am pretty sure it has to do with me not really going for walks at the moment. Walking in winter time in Wisconsin is pretty difficult to do with the snow and the cold temperatures. Walking is something that I have really come to enjoy. Kinda eases my mind and gets me thinking I suppose. Since I can't really do it right now I find myself feeling more anxious then I was. I guess I have to find other things to occupy my mind. Writing would be a good start huh? This is really the main reason why I dislike winter in Wisconsin, it cuts into my walking time. I suppose we do have a treadmill but I really did not feel comfortable with it when I went on it. We have an exercise bike too. I probably will be using that a bit more until I can go out for regular walks again.

I always have weird dreams or sometimes borderline nightmares. Occasionally you get that one or two dreams that you really like and wish that they were for real. Last night was one of those nights that I had a few dreams that I really liked. The first one had to do with me being back at Sentry but it really wasn't Sentry anymore. I guess I was new working there or whatever but there was this girl who was training me and whatnot or I was helping her out. Frankly I am unsure if I was working in this place or whatnot. We hit it off though. Teasing each other and flirting with each other. She said to me that outside of work she would like to get to know me better and hang out with me which is exactly what we did. We ended up dating for a long time and towards the end of my dream it looked like we were heading towards marriage. It was a rather nice dream. Time seemed to go by pretty fast in the dream too. There was another one where I was in some sort of food place and there was this girl there with friends and whatnot. We kept looking at each other and smiling at each other. At one point she came over with her friends and we all started talking. She invited me to some party. The one specific thing I remember about this dream is as she was walking away she was singing a song and she would look back and smile at me. Once again a rather nice dream. I believe sometimes our dreams show us our deepest desires and in a way the dream is trying to tell us that in the end with hard work and a lot of patience we can get what we want. At least that is how I look at things. So I woke up this morning in a good mood but I felt a bit bummed at the same time cause at least one of those dreams would be a nice reality. Who is to say that it won't be reality one day?

Well that is about all that is going on with me at the moment. I have been playing a bit more guitar the last few days. Now to just keep it up. My goal at the moment is to play at least 2 hours a day. Remember one of my predictions for this year was I was going to play guitar more. That is one prediction that I am totally in control of forfilling. Here is to hoping that I have some big news the next time I blog.

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