When in doubt about a blog title just take the numbers from what day it is and make it into a blog title. I admit I put too much thought sometimes into a blog title. I'll browse around my songs or quotes I like from movies or whatever else I can think of. I figure I be simple this time around instead of thinking of something for a few hours.

Not too much is going on atm but I still wanted to write anyways. I feel like it is important to me to keep this up to date as much as I can. Lets see how long this lasts though. The one good thing is I don't think I will ever run out of ideas even if they are silly, pointless, etc.

For Christmas I bought a blu ray player for myself to have upstairs. I mainly did it so I can watch netflix upstairs. It wasn't a very expensive one so it isn't really one of those high tech things. It is pretty nice though. Then on top of that I got a 50 dollar gift card to use and I ended up buying 8 movies on dvd. I am a dvd collector. Back in the day it use to be cds but with the invention of streaming music online I don't really buy cds anymore. Dvds though, I love watching movies and you know if you are ever bored and you think of something to watch it is nice to have the movie laying around. Not sure how many movies I have now but I am going to keep track of them in a binder so I know what I have and what I don't have. Pretty sure between me and my father we have at least 200 movies.

There is a flu scare here in Milwaukee. Supposedly like 1200 people are hospitalized atm due to the full. That is pretty crazy and scary. I understand that people have difficulties staying home from work or whatever due to strict restrictions from people but man this time of year if you are not feeling well stay at home. Plus what are people doing? Coughing on each other? Not washing their hands? People shouldn't need to be reminded about stuff a million times before it clicks. I just hope to make it through the flu season without getting anything. Few years back I wasn't so lucky but that one was because there was this thing going around the nursing home where my grandma was staying at and I just happen to be one of the ones to caught something. Then there was that incident after going to the Dells for a short vacation. I am pretty sure I had caught Legionnaire's disease. With how bad that disease can get I am pretty lucky I got through that without ever getting checked out. I was very sick for awhile.

Anyways on to happier stuff. I'm still playing guitar for at least a short period of time everyday. Been trying out new songs and picking up the bass a bit more on Rocksmith too. I still enjoy the game though it is missing some of my favorite bands such as Metallica, Maiden, and Sabbath. What happens in that game is they set you up with an event and you have to score a certain number on each song to qualify for playing the event. When you complete an event you unlock effects and whatnot. You can master songs. If you master a song you unlock master mode which means you can play the song without any visual help. The more you master the harder the game can get. Lets say you have a 3 song event at the end of the 3 songs they give you an encore song which is totally random. If you mastered a song sometimes they throw that song at you. Sucks if you master a song without really remembering it, has happened to me a few times now. It is a fun game though and a good tool for learning how to play songs. What I really like about it is being able to play along to songs. In all the years of playing or trying to play guitar I never played along to anything so that is one reason why I like and endorse the game for others to try.

I've been trying to get back on track with dieting and exercise. It is hard to find motivation during the winter to exercise but it has been ok weather here so this week I have been able to go for a few walks and when I am not doing that I try to get on the exercise bike at least. I have done good with the eating part. I am not perfect but for example my father has been making homemade cookies and we have had a bunch sitting on the kitchen table. I have not touched them since Sunday and as a testament to my willpower as I write this on my laptop at the kitchen table the bowl of cookies is right next to me. Temptation is right there but I refuse to eat them. Lets hope I can keep this up. Even if I slack on the exercise hopefully I keep up with the food aspect.

Alright I am going to go turn on Rocksmith for awhile and play some guitar. Hope everyone is doing good.

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