Summer Concerts

Been meaning to write a blog with a review for the Aerosmith concert I went to but just haven't gotten around to it. Since that concert I went to another concert, Neon Trees, so I figure I would just combine these two shows into one writing. I think I was more into going to the Iron Maiden show which is why that blog is pretty long. Not saying I was not looking forward to Aerosmith or Neon Trees just I was really overly excited about Maiden.

For Aerosmith we went to Summerfest on a Saturday. Summerfest is absolutely packed on a weekend. It was sorta ridiculous. It was more like a mob scene then anything else. Oh and getting out of that place on a Saturday night is just insane. Took us nearly an hour to get out of that crap and get to our bus. Thankfully the show overshadowed that experience.

Cheap Trick was the opening act for Aerosmith. I don't know much by them at all other then "Surrender" and "I Want You to Want Me" but they were pretty good. I always like listening to bands that I don't know so well because a lot of the time it introduces me to music I haven't really listened to before.

Aerosmith was really good too. I am surprised that they did not play some of their more well known songs but they stuck to older songs that some people may not know. I was fine with that but I know some people complained cause they were playing stuff that they didn't know. Obviously though if they were a bigger fan of the group they would know of their older stuff too and not just their popular songs? Am I wrong in thinking that? Anyways they put on a good show and for Steven Tyler being as old as he is he can still definitely sing. Two of my favorite Aerosmith songs "Sweet Emotion" and "Dream On" were played with me thinking that "Dream On" was easily the best song of the night. Of course I would say that though cause I love that song. Overall great show. Was not disappointed.

This past Saturday we went to Wisconsin State Fair to see the band Neon Trees. Neon Trees is a band I was not all too familar with. I had listened to some of their songs and they sounded cool but I just didn't know them all too well. Not knowing a band all too well doesn't stop me from going to see them live. Plus it was a chance to go to State Fair for the first time in 17 years.

The venue at State Fair is a pretty small one but it is setup not too bad. It is mainly set up for smaller bands. We were pretty close to the stage, 8 rows from the stage to be exact. The opening band for Neon Trees was Shiny Toy Guns. I had never even heard of them before. They actually were pretty decent. I liked what I heard. Plus they have a chick singer. I don't know what it is about chick singers and rock bands but damn they are usually hot! Well in my opinion of course. Anyways they have some good songs. I looked them up on spotify on Sunday and added their songs to my ever growing playlist.

Guess I am not surprised that I enjoyed the Neon Trees set. Their lead singer has a lot of energy. He danced around the stage and sounded pretty damn good. I would describe their music as alternative rock with an 80s feel sometimes in their songs. I love 80s music so it was a good mix for me. I think some people were only at the show for the first band cause quite a few people took off before and during Neon Trees. It was actually kinda nice cause I had no one next to me. Tons of space to be comfortable! I did recognize a few of the songs that Neon Trees played like "Trust" and "Everybody Talks". I thought "Trust" was one of the better songs that they performed live during the show. The lead singer from Neon Trees interacted a lot with the crowd. At one point he told everyone in the bleachers cause they were so far spread out that they should all slide over to the middle bleacher section. I thought that was pretty cool. Overall a good show and Neon Trees is a band I recommend people seeing. They aren't too heavy and they aren't too soft but they are definitely a band that you can definitely groove to.

Next up for concerts for me is Evanescence with Chevelle and Halestorm. Halestorm has become a band that I have listened to a lot over the past few months. Good music definitely. I like some Chevelle songs and I have never seen them before. We all know how I feel about Evanescence and Amy Lee. If I have a chance to be in the same room with Amy Lee I am definitely going to try to take it! Should be a great show. I am not looking forward to going to the Rave for it but I will deal with it just to see Amy Lee again!

I have been blessed in the past few months while getting back into the concert scene. I got to see Marilyn Manson, Primus, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, and Neon Trees. As long as good bands keep coming to Milwaukee I will keep trying to go.

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