I decided for the rest of this month to name my blogs with four letter titles since the other two blogs for this month have been four letter words. I haven't had a chance to update as much as I would like since my life has become a bit busy in the past few weeks. I am not complaining though. I like keeping busy especially since it is in the form of my new job. Which is what this blog is going to mainly be about.

Work has went well so far. It has been a hard adjustment getting back into working shape though. I am sore and tired as hell most nights with a lot of problems with my feet and legs hurting. It is ok though. I will get use to it. You figure I went about 7 years without working so my body is probably telling me dude what the hell are you doing to me at the moment. I have only been working mainly 7 hour shifts. Usually around the 4 hour mark is when I start hurting. I am thankful for having that tub that we have though. It helps out quite a bit.

The actual work. It is stuff that I am use to doing. The store is bigger then Publix and of course with any new store you have to get use to the way they do things and how it is different then what you are use to. Knowing where things are in the store takes awhile to learn to. I am getting there but since it is a big store it will take awhile. The frozen food and dairy sections are bigger then what I am use to at Publix. I always hated facing dairy at Publix but this dairy section, oh my god takes forever to face. Then again I probably try to make it look too perfect. I've been mainly over in grocery but they have me running around doing a lot of things. Usually stocking in grocery, wearing the headset and taking calls for grocery, I've worked in frozen and dairy, and on occasion I get called up to bag. Last Saturday I pretty much spent my entire day bagging. I don't actually mind bagging all too much. So I feel like I am back at Sentry cause this is what I was doing there but at Sentry I was also working in produce part of the time. Of course with stocking there is a lot of lifting and pulling hence why I am sore.

The people. So far I like the people I have encountered. The managers seem pretty decent so far. My grocery manager Tim is pretty cool. I've always gotten along with any grocery managers I have had though so I am not surprised. Well with the exception of the last assistant grocery manager I had at Publix. Think his name was Derek. I did not like him. In fact before I left Florida I had went into Publix and since I was like leaving soon he wanted to shake my hand and I refused. He said "it is going to be like that?" and I said "yeah I don't like you". Normally I am not that direct with someone. If I don't like someone I just usually don't talk to them or associate with them. I stay away from them. I don't know why I decided to tell Derek I did not like him but I am getting off track now with talking about that. All the managers seem cool though. They seem to say thank you a lot for doing some of the things you do. I am not really use to that. I have gotten that before from some of my previous managers but it seems to be on a constant basis so far at this job. I like that. I like hearing I am doing a good job. I think it tends to make someone motivated to continue to work to the best of their abilities.

Not everything is peachy though. I still have to deal with customers. I won't get into detail about it but anyone who has worked in retail before know that dealing with customers can and will get annoying from time to time. So it is the typical bullshit everyone goes through. I can do without the work uniform too. Having to wear a white long sleeve shirt and a tie while stocking kinda sucks. Long sleeve shirts during the summer is retarded. I get that they want us to look professional but it doesn't mean that I have to like it. Then I had the incident with the girl in floral department yesterday. Anytime I have to fill something in the lobby I drag my pallete of crap through the floral department. Yes it is a tight space to go through but it is also the most direct easiest path to get to my destination. I figure as long as I don't go through there like it is a destruction derby that it should be no big deal and it hasn't been, that is until yesterday. So I was moving stuff through there and on the third time that I had gone through there I bumped a display of flowers. I did not knock anything over. It kinda just got bumped a bit. Well the chick gave me the look of death. I said I was sorry. A few minutes later she comes over by me and proceeds to give me a lecture about dragging palletes through floral and how I am not suppose to do it and how I can get in trouble and whatnot. She took longer explaining that I should not drag stuff through there then it did to fix what I had bumped. All she had to do was say hey next time please don't drag a pallete through floral cause you really are not suppose to do it. That is all I really needed. I didn't need an explanation about it. I didn't need a lecture. Just a please do not do it again would of been good enough. Anyways I figure if these are my major gripes about the job so far then all is well. Oh yeah and I hate wearing the headset. It gets in my way all the time.

It feels good to be a part of the working world again making some money. This past week I worked about 34 hours. My longest work week in almost 7 years. Course I have off today and the next 2 days but I can't complain. I am working again. That is the most important thing. It is also the beginning of many great things to come for me.

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