Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

I literally sat here for a good hour just trying to think of a blog title. I went through a lot of different choices. Then I saw a news feed about how a gunman killed 2 people and wounded 3 in a Seattle cafe and that quote from the Ghost busters popped into my head. People are going crazy that is for sure. I have to wonder though if people have always been this messed up and we just hear about it more because we have much more media sources then we had back in the day? Maybe people just want to be famous by doing crazy shit so they can get on the news.

So zombies are coming. This is what I keep hearing at least. Some guy in Florida was chewing the face off of some person. He was shot and did not respond to being shot. Then in New Jersey there was this guy who apparently was throwing entrails at police officers and pepper spray had no effect on him. Clearly zombies are coming. Why? Because everyone on the internet says so and you always have to believe what the internet says. The truth is on the internet. The sooner we accept this the better off we will be. I hope all that Left 4 Dead playing will help me out in case of a zombie invasion. I suggest more people pick up the game and play it. It will help you defend yourself from an impending zombie invasion. My weapon of choice? A cactus. They won't expect someone to use something like a cactus. Plus other people who aren't zombies might be like oh my God holy shit look at that crazy son of a bitch swinging around a cactus, don't mess with him. I am now accepting donations of cactuses. I must prepare for the zombies.

Makes you wonder about the whole 2012 thing. People are going nuts. Disasters keep happening more and more frequently. I suppose in a few more months we will find out for sure. I am not going to worry bout it. I will make my comments every now and then and be like oh my God the world is going to end but that is the extent of it. I mean really what can we do if the world is meant to end? There really is nothing that we can do. Maybe try to make our peace with God before we pass on. Can't stop it so no use worrying about it. Live your life. Of course the question "what if?" will pop up from time to time. Along with the question what if I wake up tomorrow and my penis is not there anymore. That would just suck. I don't know what I would do. Freak out probably. I wonder how the conversation with my father in the morning would go. "Um dad I think I need to go to see the doctor. Why? Well my penis is missing and I kinda am uncomfortable with not having a penis and I think I have to go to the bathroom." See what I mean? Very uncomfortable situation. I don't know how I turned this from an end of the world thing to me having a missing penis.

In other news, since I haven't written an actual blog unless it was about a concert in about a month, I had a job interview to begin the month. It was for Pick'N'Save on 76th street. I didn't end up getting the job but the fact I had an interview kept my hopes up that something is going to come up soon. I am learning that no matter how many times I get kicked down or things seem hopeless that I just have to keep on fighting. So last Friday I got a call from a different Pick'N'Save and I did a phone interview yesterday. I had put in an application on I think Tuesday and got a call back within 3 days. So the phone interview went decently in my opinion. A ton of questions were thrown at me that I was like "uh" for. Obviously I did good enough cause I get a 2nd interview on Friday. This time it is face to face. So I am pretty hopeful that this streak of not having a job will come to an end soon. Thank God.

I picked up Rocksmith on the Xbox. I was kinda iffy about getting the game due the fact that I wasn't consistent with playing the guitar anymore. I really lost interest over the years. I liked the idea of Rocksmith though. Learning songs while playing along with the songs and going at your own pace. So I picked it up just over 2 weeks ago and since then I have played guitar about 2 hours everyday. Would I say the game was worth it? Hell yeah it was. I have not had this much fun playing guitar in a long time. See I am doing things differently this time around. I have taken a less serious more of a have fun approach. Plus in all the years I have played guitar I never tried to play along with songs. This game has you play along with songs. I absolutely love it. I am playing songs I would of never of thought to play before. Plus thanks to the game I have even memorized some chords. In 18 years of playing guitar on and off I had never memorized chords by name. As long as I am having fun and learning stuff I will continue to play guitar and this game. Guitar has become fun again and I am thinking I may finally be getting serious about learning it. The game also is going to add in a way to play bass with the game eventually so I may pick up a bass at some time. At least I am heading in the right direction in terms of playing guitar. Bout time too. As much as I love music and with how creative I can be at times it is good I apply it to some things.

Overall life is good and is turning around for the better. Well despite the zombie invasions, the craziness of people, and me worrying about my penis going missing, I can't complain all too much.

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