It is Friday the 13th. This is why I decided to name the blog 13. I am so original aren't I? I don't think I have ever been superstitious of Friday the 13th. Although it does have the number 13 in there and 13 is always a dominate number in my life regardless. Which reminds me I thought of this tonight and it was just about 20 years ago that I had went to my first concert, June of 92 to be exact and it was Metallica, and I was 13 years old when I went. See the number 13 again. I realize I hadn't written in a bit so I figured I would write a little bit. Yes an actual what is Nick up to type of thing.

Easter came and went. Nothing exciting really happened. My father was feeling a bit sickish so it made Easter a little less enjoyable and it cancelled our trip to Indiana. We were suppose to go to Indiana for a few days to visit my uncle. We have never seen where he lives in Indiana. I was looking forward to getting away for a few days so I was a bit disappointed but that is life. Sometimes things come up that is beyond your control.

I am going to 3 concerts coming up. Marilyn Manson in May, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith in July. I have seen Manson before but that was 15 years ago. I have managed to continue to keep up with his music since then. He is one of my favorite artist so I am excited about going. I have never seen Iron Maiden or Aerosmith live. I have listened to both bands on and off for about 20 years. The Maiden concert is on the 4th of July. That is going to be fun. Good way to celebrate the 4th in my opinion. Aerosmith is 3 days after the Maiden concert. I hope I won't be recovering from Maiden when I go to Aerosmith. Either way I am looking forward to going to some shows. Back in the day I loved going to concerts. I love music in general and music is a big part of my life so it is nice to get out there and see some of the bands that I have grown up listening to.

My sister Kathy/Trink is getting married. It comes as a surprise to me because it was a known fact in this family that none of my sisters were probably going to get married. I am not saying that it is a bad thing or anything to that effect it just came as a surprise. I hope that she is happy and I wish her many years of happiness.

I have been deep in thought about quite a number of things for awhile now as my last blogs have probably shown. I spend a lot of time at night time specifically outside sitting out on the porch just gathering my thoughts and taking it all in. It is really peaceful and quiet to sit outside in this neighborhood minus the occasional car or airplane. It makes me wish I lived in the country. I would be able to see more stars and whatnot while I am outside. The city lights and trees make it difficult to see up in the night time sky at times. Maybe one day I'll live in the country just for that specific reason, to gaze up at the stars at night time.

This has just been a brief update on things that have been going on. I haven't even begun to touch on a few things. In time I will. I have this phrase written down that I keep in front of my computer at all times so I can see it and if I am seeking a little bit of motivation I look at it and I repeat it. The phrase or saying is "Replace I can not do this with I will not fail". I can't be sure that someone didn't already think of this one but I thought of it while I was sitting outside. Even if it isn't a Nick original I really like this and I repeat it to myself often about a variety of things.

Replace I can not do this with I will not fail.

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