Temptation, I think we all deal with this in our life. We all do things that we shouldn't and we are often influenced by other people to do these things. Sometimes we know better but I think it really depends on the person who is influencing you. Not easy to say no or I don't think I should be doing that. I think before we give it to someone who may be tempting you to do something that you normally wouldn't do that you really need to analyze the situation. I had these thoughts about it after a day dream I had while sitting outside. Sitting outside and thinking while just enjoying what is going on around me has influenced all of my recent blogs. This one is no exception.

I can't really call this a day dream cause this occured at night time while sitting outside but it is around the same idea as a day dream I suppose. I was sitting outside looking at the night time sky when I decided to close my eyes for a bit. Appearing to me was my grandma, my sister Mary, and my mom. They never appeared to me all at once at the same time. They started talking to me about life. Telling me that I can do whatever I set my mind too and that I need to remain strong. The message of be strong echoed out. They looked just as I remember them from the last time I saw them all alive. There was something else there though. There was a creature. The creature kept taking different forms. At one point it looked like the predator and then it looked like one of the demons from The Evil Dead. It had red eyes. I was not scared of this creature. I actually felt kinda amused that it was there listening into our conversation. I asked them why is there some random creature here that keeps on changing between the predator and one of the demons from The Evil Dead. The response that I got was that the name of the creature was Temptation. The message to me then was I was not suppose to allow Temptation to tempt me to stray off my present path. It will try to tempt me but I must not give in. I responded with I will not let Temptation tempt me. This is when I opened up my eyes. I felt calm and at peace. It was then I felt a strong breeze come across me. It was relaxing. I closed my eyes once again as if I knew the presence of loved ones were there. The breeze died down and I knew immediately I had to remember this incident and write about it.

The message to me is pretty clear. I can accomplish what I want to as long as I don't fall into temptation. I have to learn how to control my temptations and learn that once I set my sight on a path in my life that I need to stick with it. Straying away is ok as long as you can get back on the road you are on. Don't get knocked off the road completely though. The creature not scaring me makes me believe that I can overcome the challenges that I may face along the way. Be myself, be strong, do what I want and do not let anyone stand in the way of where you want to go. This is why I believe it is important to think about the dreams you have or moments like this. They really can tell you a lot about who you are and where you are going.

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