T-Rex in the park

Yes I happen to think of the weirdest things when I am sitting outside. My thinking cap turns on when I am just sitting outside enjoying the air and gazing into the stars. I think everyone has their spot where they sit back and let their imagination run wild or they become deep in thought. Sitting outside is my place. Of course the last few days the weather has been kinda crappy. Welcome to Wisconsin. 80s one day and then 30s the next. Exactly what happened to us.

I was sitting outside and across the street is the park. I pictures a T-Rex all of a sudden appearing in the park and literally going ape shit. Craving a path of destruction throughout the park and then into the neighborhood. I tried to imagine how horrified people would be. I mean how would you react if you saw a T-Rex coming at you? I was sorta mixed on how I would react. I think I would be pretty terrified and then the other part of me was thinking well this is too movie like that I would die to some dinosaur so I may as well sit here and laugh about it. Do you think the methods that they used in Jurassic Park would save you? Like if you just sat still would he not see you and eat you? When faced with danger and possible death though I don't think most people would think to themselves oh gee if I stand still he won't see me!

The other side of this is me thinking what if I was the T-Rex? Now see I am not looking at this from the point of view that I want to rip people to shreds or go around and smash shit. When I think of a T-Rex I think of something fierce and intimating. I think if the T-Rex were still alive today people would be scared of them and show them respect. If they aren't getting eaten that is. So the T-Rex is appealing because I think people would respect them for their power and their strength and I would like to be more like that. Maybe not so much for power but for strength. It is an understatement to say I have been through a lot and I don't necessarily think I get enough credit sometimes. I've come to realize though that it doesn't even matter how people see me. As long as I think I am a strong person then that is all that should really matter. I suppose getting credit from time to time would be good.

As the weather gets nicer out and I spend more time outside I wonder what else I will come up with. Only time will tell I suppose. I haven't even really begun to touch upon everything that is going on in my mind.

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