Marshmallows, good to eat. Nice and soft. Really good for smores. Has anyone ever stopped to think what if marshmallows had feelings? I know it sounds crazy but what if that marshmallow that you are devouring in your mouth actually could feel. What do you think it would be thinking? I suppose no one has even put themselves in the situation as if they were being food left for people to devour. After a recent cookout that we had I pondered this question of mine.

You ever just throw a marshmallow into the grill and watch it burn and go up in flames? I did and I thought about what it would be like if it had actual feelings like us. Burning alive until there is nothing left. Turning dark and crisp. The hot flame. Oh how it must burn. If marshmallows could scream out in pain do you think they would? I can imagine the pains and screams of agony would be so severe. I would think that anyone watching this marshmallow burn would feel a little bit of sympathy or think hey maybe we shouldn't be doing this. It is not right. The marshmallow would feel completely helpless and alone. No one is going to save it and lets face reality it can't really save itself anyways. It is pretty much doomed as soon as it hits that flame. Death would be agonizing and painful. For what purpose does this marshmallow die for? None other then our own amusement because we want a bigger flame and we have absolute control over the marshmallow.

What about the eating and roasting the marshmallow aspect of all of this? Normally people roast a marshmallow to eat or for smores. I guess the hidden pyro in me likes to see them burn to a crisp on the hot charcoal. Can you imagine being on the end of a stick or whatever the person is using knowing that you are about to die and be devoured? The pain and suffering. Being at someone's mercy and not being able to do anything about it. They probably hope that the pain and suffering is quick. I imagine some people like to play around with the marshmallows though. Constantly poking them with a stick due to them having some cheap thrill that they actually can poke something without real consequences. Putting them near the hot coals and setting them on fire and then blowing out the fire to rinse and repeat. The marshmallow probably feels like he is saved only to be let down once again by some murderous marshmallow lover. Oh and the whole eating part must be totally horrible. Feeling like they are being ripped to shreds. Having themselves being pulled apart. If the person is having smores the marshmallow gets smashed between two graham crackers and hersey chocolate and then quickly devoured. Oh how tragic the life of a marshmallow must be knowing that someone out there one day is going to devour you without any regard for how you are feeling.

The truth is marshmallows do not have feelings but people do. Sometimes I feel like I am this marshmallow.


  1. O_o Dude this is pretty deep marshmellow talk <3 And Nickster if you were a marshmellow, I"d have already eaten yous. ^^ Cause whose not a marshmellow connoisseur?

  2. Lol. Kinda funny how I turn something simple like a marshmallow into something deeper. It was just one of those things were I was in deep thought and put it to words.