Like a bird

Did you ever wonder would it would be like to be a bird? Probably not the first animal people think of when asked the question 'if you could be any animal what would you be?'. I know I had never thought about it. I always wanted to be something like a tiger so if someone pissed me off or something I could just rip them to shreds. While I was outside one day I pondered the question though as I was watching some birds fly in the sky. What would it be like to be a bird?

First thing I thought of was the flying aspect. Birds seem to have a lot of freedom and go wherever they want. They get to fly wherever and whenever. They can fly high up into the sky. I imagine getting out of danger would be a bit easier as a bird too. Someone gets too close to put you in danger you just fly away unless of course they injure you somehow. Being able to fly from place to place though is what I would like. Can you imagine the view that birds have being up so high in the sky? Oh that must be breathtaking. A couple of downsides I can see about flying in the sky. People might try to shoot you out of the sky. You are flying along and then bam gunshot and you fall out of the sky. What about trying to fly during a thunderstorm? I imagine getting struck by lightning would suck. Would be just my luck too of course. Oh how about flying around and swooping down too low and getting hit by a car? Ok so with everything danger clouds the appeal but what is life without a little danger?

Second thing I thought of and people are going to have to admit this will appeal to you. People piss us off, people use us, people are just generally assholes to us, etc. It happens. No matter what you do to avoid it you can't. Sometimes we want revenge or we just want to tell them to go fuck themselves. Well as a bird you can do this. I don't know about everyone else but I know if I was a bird I would be going around crapping on people as I am flying around. I wouldn't just pick random people or well maybe I would just for shits and giggles but I am sure being pooped on by a bird would be pretty good revenge. You shit on me I will shit right back on you type thing. People can't sit here and tell me that this isn't somewhat appealing? Flying around crapping on people who have done you wrong. I know it appeals to me.

One thing I am not sure I am cool about is what birds eat. Worms and insects mainly. I can do without that. I suppose though my line of thinking comes from the birds we see on a daily basis. Now lets say if I was a bird of prey then maybe the eating part wouldn't be so bad. Like an Eagle. Eagles stand out to me because they are beautiful creatures. Most birds are pretty anyways so that is another appeal of being a bird. Ok so I suppose I decided that if I was going to be a bird I would be something like an Eagle so I didn't have to eat just insects and worms all the time. Since the majority of their diet is fish and I like fish that could totally work for me.

Being a bird appeals to me because of all that I have said above. I think I really like the freedom a bird has. They can go wherever whenever they want. I feel like I would like to escape sometimes and not have a care in the world. I wish I could fly away and maybe fly to the top of a mountain and be like wow this is amazing. So if I had to pick an animal I'd want to be like I would pick a bird. I know people can't escape their problems by running away but being able to fly away for a bit and have some time and freedom to yourself sounds really really nice.

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