Here comes the cold

The month of December I think spoiled us a little bit. It was unusually mild and we barely had any snow. That sort of thing never stays for a long period of time here though. It is like mother nature toys with us. She gives us good weather and then starts laughing at us going "hahaha...suckers!".

Last week it was 53 at one point. For January that is really odd. Times have changed since then. Following a snowstorm, well actually 2 snowstorms we are now sitting at a very cold 7 degrees. Tonight it might drop down below 0. That is a big drop from being in the 50s at one point last week. On top of this cold weather we are suppose to get another possible 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow too. Just perfect. It seems like every January I make some sort of post about how cold the weather is and how I wish spring would get here and then a few months later I am complaining about how hot and humid it is. I don't think there is a happy medium for me living in Wisconsin. Living in a temperature controlled bubble seems like the best option at the moment.

One thing I made up my mind about is that people just irritate me. I think it might get worse with age too. I am not sure if I totally agree with that last statement but it does seem that as the days pass by that my tolerance is getting lower and lower. I feel like at times I am only good to have around when it is a convenience for other people. Like when they need a favor, or they need to vent, they are bored, they need something to occupy their time and feel like I am the best choice at the moment, etc. As soon as my use is gone I get tossed aside like a cheap whore. Then when I may want something or whatever I feel like I am either being ignored or talking to a brick wall. I hate talking to brick walls. They don't answer back and I can't really bang my head on one in frustration unless I want a massive headache. Lose lose situation here though. I want to be there for people and you know I don't ask for much in return other then I dunno some acknowledgement from time to time. I guess the point I am trying to make is the more I get used by people the more frustrated I am going to get making it very likely I am just going to ignore people in general. This is just me venting by the way. I am neither right or wrong. This is just how I feel at times.

Really not much else to say right now or if I had anything else to say I really just don't remember it. Until next time stay warm everyone! If you are one of the people who live in a warm state...go to hell!

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