Zombies! Must kill the zombies!

2am most normal people would be asleep. What do I do at 2am? If I'm not sleeping I'm usually trying to survive a zombie apocalypse on Left 4 Dead 2. It is currently one of my favorite games to play. Most likely because I've been playing it with a few friends. When we aren't destroying zombies we are shooting each other in the back. Makes me wonder would we actually survive a real zombie apocalypse? Probably not.

There is one character in that game I absolutely hate and that would be Coach. He is pretty much useless and in most games with us he is the computer controlled person. Dude just stands there on most occasions or walks right over you if you are incapacitated on the ground. You should hear us on voice chat sometimes. I can not repeat some of the things we say about him. Usually if he pisses off us we shoot him up next game or we just kill him altogether.

I have been meaning to update my blog but for the past week or so I have spiraled into sort of a funk. I've been really frustrated and just not myself. Trying to fight it the best I can. I suppose it probably would help if I wrote more. I dunno.

I think I decided I am going to start looking around at other jobs. I am starting to have doubts about the Piggly Wiggly job. People are telling me I am being paranoid and I most likely am. I really am overqualified for a job there but I think my experience and well the fact that I haven't worked in forever may just be my undoing. I'm still hopeful that this will work out. I really want this one. Not just because I need the money but because I need to head into a positive direction sometime in my life. I have to explore my options though. Hope still remains though.

We got xbox 360. I've been playing playstation and whatnot for the past 12-13 years. I never did get anything more advanced then a ps2. It wasn't really my decision to get one either. My father comes up to me on Monday and is like we should get a game system. I was kinda like uh ok. It just so happened that they had a deal for xbox at Best Buy. If you bought one you got a 75 Best Buy gift card. Not only that but Madden 12 was going to be coming out. So I talked him into that. We went and got it yesterday. So far, other then the problems setting up xbox live party chat, I am pretty happy with it. We need more games though. Guess it is a good thing we got that gift card. My father needs some games he can actually play cause I am sure he wouldn't get Madden.

Beavis and Butthead is making a return in October. I am excited. I loved that show as a teenager and I still love that show today. I've been wanting them to bring it back for such a long time now. So when I found out the news that they were bringing them back I was all happy. Now that they have an actual release date for it I am super excited. October promises to be a good month. Evanescence concert and the return of Beavis and Butthead.

Also excited about the new Star Wars mmo coming out. We been trying to work on getting people for our guild on the game. I suppose I can use the power of my blog to promote our guild so here I go.

Vitriol is a guild aligned to the sith empire. The core of officers have been friends for quite awhile and have experience running/co-leading guilds and raids for the past 6-7 years on SWG and WoW. We are looking for more people to hang out with us and whatnot. Please be 18 to apply.


How did that sound? Good I hope. So yeah if anyone who reads my blog is planning on playing that game check out the guild.

One thing that has been playing over and over in my head are the words "never give up". No matter how down I am about certain things or how uncertain I feel I should never give up and keep pushing forward. In the end if you don't give up then you will be successful.

August was an interesting month and for the most part I got back some of my self confidence, even if I doubt myself from time to time. I am anxious to see how September turns out. I think it will be just fine.

Btw, if people haven't noticed I changed the look of my blog a bit. Does it look cool, ok, or no?


The Girlfriend Application

The other day a thought came to me that I should write an insane blog making it seem like I was taking applications for a female to be my girlfriend. This has to be one of the more demented, disturbing, sexist things I have ever come up with. It is meant to be funny and not meant to be taken seriously at all. If you take it seriously I may LOL at you. I'm sure a few people will get offended.

"The Girlfriend Application"
If you want to be my girlfriend you will fill this out truthfully.

Are you a good sandwich maker? (If you can't make me a damn good sandwich don't fucking waste my time by answering the rest of the questions)

Name? (If I can't pronounce it you will be shit out of luck)

Age? (Don't lie to me)

Where do you live? (Yes I am going to stalk you)

Height? (If you are under 5 feet tall I will consider you a midget and midgets have increased chance of being with me)

Boob size? (Truth be told I am a guy and I will be staring at your tits a lot. If there is nothing to stare at then it is not going to work)

Eye color? Do you have retarded looking eyes? (If you have freaky looking eyes that will scare the shit out of me don't bother filling out the rest)

Race? (I am a bit racist, it will work if you can handle that. If you are Chinese you have an increased chance only if you can make me chicken fried rice)

Is you vag shaved or hairy like Chewbacca? (If you don't know who Chewbacca is you are useless. The point of this question is I want to know if I go down on you am I going to encounter the amazon rain forest or not? Frankly getting pube hair stuck between my teeth is not my idea of a good time)

Are you mental? Emotional unstable? (Wait all females are. Nevermind this question)

Do you like to give blowjobs? Do you swallow or spit?
(If you are a spitter that is ok but if you spit the shit back at me next time I will bust a nut in your eye. Also you better like giving blowjobs, I'm not going down on you for no apparent reason)

I don't believe in the long walks on the beach shit, if I am going to take you to the beach I am going to push your ass down in the sand and laugh. Would that be a problem?

Do you like anal?

I don't believe in paying for our dates. In fact if we go out to eat I definitely am not paying as I don't want to support you being a fat ass. This is ok right?

Now say you live far away would you be willing to travel and spend say over 1000 dollars just to see me to get some cock? Would you be willing to travel more then once? (Btw this may boost my ego a lot if you pay that much just to get some sex...and I may laugh at you after our relationship doesn't work out)

Are you a cheater? (Know that if I find out that you are cheating on me not only will I slit your throat I will find the guy or guys you fucked around with and make sure that they will never be able to have sex again)

Is it ok if I have multiple sex partners?
(I have needs and you are never going to fullfill them all. Keep me happy by letting me fuck all kinds of chicks and we won't have an issue)

Do you cyber with people online? (LOL if you do cause you're fucking pathetic)

Do you like porn? (Bonus points if you do)

Would you like to star in a homemade porn?
(I am looking for some bitch who isn't afraid to get naked in front of the camera and lets me fuck her brains out while I record it)

Are you opposed to any of the following during sex? Biting, punching, spitting, being cursed at, choked, stabbed, hit in the head with random items such as shoes, thrown into the wall, etc.

Are you one of those goofy bitches who nicknames their bf's penis? (Having someone call your penis Mr.Happy is LOL)

Do you smoke? Do drugs? (I do neither so GTFO if you do)

Do you drink? (If you get drunk on occasion it will be easier for me to take advantage of you)

Do you believe in GOD? (Please don't force your fucking relgion on me. I'll believe what I want to believe and if you annoy me with it I may slit your throat)

Are you an animal lover? (Occasionally I like to punch puppies in the face. So if you have a puppy don't be mad at me when I punch him in the face)

Like sports at all? (Football scores points with me. Tennis or golf I may think you are a lesbian. Wrestling is encouraging. We can practice moves on each other)

Do you mind me getting off to porn? (If you do you could just help me get off dumbass)

Do you have kids? (I am not a fucking charity nor a bank. I don't give a fuck about your kids and I will not help you with them)

Are you one of those nasty bitches who does not know how to clean your vagina? (The fish smell is not really appealing and there are things to help you out)

Do you like to be shit on during sex or do you shit on a guy during sex?
(Nasty bitches exit stage right. If you shit on me during sex I will drag your naked ass outside and toss you in the middle of the road)

So do you think you can handle me? (More then likely not. No chick has proved to me that she can handle me. Women are useless until proven otherwise)



I totally didn't realize that my blog yesterday was my 100th blog I have written for this blog site. I'm a long way off doing what I did with my livejournal. I was a posting whore back then though. Literally I would write posts just to say "Hi my name is Nick and I literally have nothing else to do then to write a stupid entry just to say hi". I like to think my online journal has improved over the years and I write more meaningful posts now a days. If I didn't someone would tell me right?

I was thinking why don't I use numbers for blog titles. I mean it would be easier then trying to think of a catchy subject that is not going to catch someone's attention anyways. I was going to do that for my 100th blog but I had a total fail on my part and forgot I got to my 100th blog. Oh well. Maybe numbering blogs will be something to do for now on?

Let me talk about...baseball. No way Nick, baseball? Since when did you like baseball? I use to love baseball as a kid and into my teenage years. I was on a softball team from 4th to 6th grade. My only trophy I have to show for is the 6th grade softball team. Well either way I use to love to play baseball. I've been to a few Brewers games. Never at Miller Park though. It was around 1995 where I stopped really paying attention to it until this year. I mean I usually paid attention to what the Brewers were doing but just never really enough to care. When me and my father went to the Dells I spent some time watching a few of their games. Then I started paying more attention, watching some more games, etc. Now the Brewers are kicking some ass this year. They have a really good chance at doing something this year. I've enjoyed my first year paying attention to baseball in a very long time. Wouldn't it be something if the Brewers won the world series the same year that the Packers won the super bowl? Crazier things have happened.

Not too long ago I made mention of this female that I was interested in. Without getting into any details we pretty much decided that it was not going to work out. I admit I am pretty bummed about it. Life goes on though. Other fish in the sea. In reality I am not ready for another relationship right now anyways. Down the road sure but I have to work on myself first. Getting me situationed>a relationship atm. I am thinking of doing a blog called "The Girlfriend Application". It would be meant to be a joke but I can see that pissing off a few people. Hey if I piss off a few people it would mean that they actually took the time to read it. Score!

I believe that is all for now. Let us see what the upcoming week holds for the Nick. Hopefully a 2nd job interview. Oh how sweet that would be. Keeping my fingers crossed cause this job I really want.


A long time ago

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...oh wait, isn't this the beginning to all of the Star Wars movies? My bad. Well hey since I started off with a Star Wars thing may as well talk about that at first. A few years back I was playing the mmo Star Wars Galaxies. Game was good at first but then went on a massive decline. Eventually I moved over to WoW. It was announced a few years ago that they were going to work on a new Star Wars mmo called Knights of the Old Republic. It is a popular video game series taking place way before the events of Vader and whatnot. I've been interested in playing it since it was first talked about. Well the time is coming closer for it to get release so they started taking pre-orders for it so today against my better judgment of just waiting for a bit I decided to pre-order. I have quite a few friends who will be playing the game so it should be fun. Plus it is Star Wars, it will be fun.

I forgot to mention in my last blog that I started playing guitar again. I first started playing guitar in high school. At one point I had 4 guitars. I quit for awhile though due to well let's put it this way, me making dumb ass decisions. I sold all my guitars and my amp. Then I got back into playing again but it was not the same. At one point I was playing quite a bit and I was even taking guitar lessons. I miss my guitar teacher. His name was Glenn. Good guy. Easy to talk to. I should of probably tried more to learn certain aspects of guitar but I am impatient and if I can't pick up on something right away I give up easy. Yes I am a quitter.

Anyways I've had this really nice guitar and amp just sitting there collecting dust. I started watching online videos about playing guitar and I thought to myself well I think I have been playing guitar wrong for the past 16 years. So I decided to pick up my guitar and change my technique a bit and be a little more patient with what I'm trying to do. So far the result is I have played probably at least an hour a day for the past week. I have noticed improvement in a few things and I am able to play things that I have never been able to do in 16 years. I kinda like to think of it as me reteaching myself and reprogramming myself. I may not be the next Jimi Hendrix or something but I like that I am making progression and I am starting to stick to it. I have it programmed in my head to exercise everyday and at least play guitar for a bit everyday. A good step in the right direction if you ask me.

That is pretty much all for now. It has been exercising, playing guitar, and waiting to hear about this job. Soon I hope.


A new hope

I am going to come right out with the biggest news that I have had in awhile. I am gay! Ok, I am kidding. I am not gay. I had a job interview on Tuesday! The first job interview I have had in such a long time. It was at the new Piggly Wiggly that is opening up soon. Like almost 2 weeks ago I finally decided I should make a resume and I sent it in. I was starting to wonder if there was any hope left that I would actually come close to getting a job. It is extremely frustrating time and time again filling out applications and whatnot and getting absolutely nowhere. On Monday things changed. I got a phone call from the owner of the store. He wanted me to come in for an introductory interview. So on Tuesday I did. In my opinion it went rather well. I will know within a few weeks if I get a call back for a second interview. Just going to one interview though was the confidence boost that I needed. I am pretty sure now that my streak of not working is definitely nearing an end. Nick should be joining the working world again very soon. Let me go on record saying that this has been long overdue.

We drove to Illinois today with my aunt. It was nice to take a short road trip. It was also the first time that I left the state since Oct of 08. Ok so maybe we did not go very far out of state, like just over the border but still that counts for something...right? I really do enjoy traveling and seeing other places then the inside of my house. We went out for lunch too. I ate way too much food. I had barbecue ribs and chicken. Was really good and rather messing.

Which brings me to the next topic. My "diet" and exercising. I am still not on a full fledged diet. I am in a decent exercise routine though. Which is good. At least I am getting one thing right. I've really improved with riding the exercise bike too. Last time I was on the exercise kick I use to do maybe 1.8-1.9 miles within a 10 minute span. Now I am averaging usually around 2.3 or like yesterday was a 2.4. I don't know if it is cause maybe I have more energy or I am more motivated. Whatever it is I hope I can just keep it up.

So I am officially going to the Evanescence concert. I am excited about that. So what if I am going by myself. I would rather go and see them instead of not seeing them cause I have no one to go with. Who knows maybe between now and October 21st I will find someone to go with. Either way I am excited to not only see them in concert but go to a concert. It has been a very long time.

I didn't want to write a terribly long blog tonight. I knew I hadn't written for awhile and I wanted to write. I also thought about going to bed. I picked writing over sleeping. It is really great to have this new found confidence all of a sudden. I feel like I can take on just about anything at the moment and walk away with my head held high. I am sure my job situation is going to turn around and that is a huge thing. I can finally get that monkey off my back. Prove not only some people wrong but maybe ease some of my lingering doubts that I have had for awhile now. I have a new found hope that not only things are going to be fine but they are going to be great. I will not let anyone take that feeling away from me.


Pack talk

August is about halfway over with. Fall is just around the corner and then cold weather and snow. The outlook isn't so bleak though cause football season is here! Rejoice! For a period of time there it did not seem like there was going to be an NFL season this year. They got it all worked out and the Packers start preseason today.

After they won the super bowl last season I can definitely say I am hyped up for a new season of football. It seems as though they are not getting the credit they deserve. All I hear is mainly talk about the Eagles or the Saints. Vince Young goes to the Eagles and they sign a few more guys, now suddenly they are "the dream team". What a crock of shit. It has been proven time and time again that you can not buy championships. Football is a team sport and if you can not work together you will not win football games. You can't just throw a bunch of new people together and automatically bam you win it all. It takes a few years to develop a team chemistry. Besides that look at Michael Vick. Can he play a full season without getting injured? No. I don't believe he can. He runs around way too much and it leaves him vulnerable to taking big hits. Plus you have to think with all the legal problems he has had that someone out there wants to knock him the hell out. If I was a defensive player I know I would. Ok so the Eagles signed some free agents. It does not prove anything to me whatsoever.

They were getting on the Packers cause they let some guys go. People who make these comments obviously did not fully understand their situation last year. They had 15 people out on injured reserve. Sometimes they even had to rely on people who were 3rd stringers. Because that team had so much depth and team chemistry they overcame it all and went on to win the super bowl. Some of the guys who were let go are either getting too old or they were injured last year for most of the season. The free agents we lost are not a big deal cause we have so many talented people who can step in and replace right away. I don't think the Packers are getting enough credit for what they accomplished last year.

I was harsh about Rodgers for a very long time. I've gotten over it. I will always think Favre was one of the best quarterbacks to play the game but yes even now I have to admit the Packers are better off without him. I guess I've jumped on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon. The guy is fun to watch. I am glad he is on our team and not someone else like the Bears.

I see Steelers fans are still a bit bitter about the super bowl. I see a lot of people say that we barely beat them and they were robbed, etc etc. I think they need a bit of reminding of what happened in the game. You guys were lucky to even be in it until the very end. We had a 21-3 lead. We lost 2 of our best cornerbacks. We had receivers drop a ton of passes. The game could of easily been a blowout. You guys have 6 super bowl titles already so stop crying.

I know it is only preseason but I am going to make a few predictions for the upcoming season.

1)Packers finish 12-4
2)Vick won't play a full season. He will get hurt. Maybe someone will end up breaking his leg and scream at him "That was for all the dogs you killed!".
3)Rex Ryan will finally be shut up as the Jets won't even make the playoffs.
4)Even with Mcnabb the Vikings will miss the playoffs.
5)The Bears come to their senses at some point and realize Cutler won't win them a super bowl so they sign Favre.
6)Packers-Bears NFC championship for the 2nd year in a row. Cutler again pulls himself out of the game. Bears have a chance until Favre throws an INT that is returned for a touchdown. Packers advance to super bowl.
7)Packers-Patriots super bowl. Sounds like the best super bowl option at the moment. Packers pull it off due to the fact that they are still pissed about some 300 pound linemen almost running a kickoff back for a touchdown in last year's game. Revenge is sweet.
8)Favre again retires after the NFC championship game. He states that he should of stayed out of football and just spent his time taking pictures of his penis to send to random females.
9)Cutler is run out of Chicago. Pissed off fans send him death threats and kill his dog. He gets traded to the Raiders.
10)The Browns still suck.

That's my list. Off the wall a little but I suppose that is how I am. I'm a bit off the wall. It is time for football!


More then useless

Hello again. Well I am doing better at updating then I did last month. I had 3 blogs last month total and this is my 4th for this month. Woot. The title has meaning today. I was actually told by someone today that I definitely am not useless. Always good to hear. I mean I know I am not entirely useless but to actually be told that by someone really can make a difference, even put a smile on your face.

It is a beautiful day today. The humidity has finally went away. We have the windows wide open and it is pretty comfortable in here. It is about time. It has been a long summer so far with all this humidity. I have no idea how I put up with it in Florida. Too bad I am feeling less then perfect today although not feeling all too well is easier if your mood is good.

Exercising is still going well. I skipped last night but skipping one night won't kill me. My knee was filling the effects of exercising yesterday so I guess I wanted to rest it a little bit. My eating habits are improving but I could be better. Baby steps. It is better to go about it slowly rather then do everything at once and possibly fail. That is my opinion at least.

Evanescence is finally putting out some new music. Not only that they are also coming to Milwaukee in October. Oh I so want to go. I think I convinced myself that if I have to go alone so be it. Going alone and seeing them would be much better then not going at all. Maybe if I get tickets I will find someone to go with. Tickets aren't all too expensive. 30 bucks I believe. I really enjoy their music and everyone knows I have this huge celebrity crush on Amy Lee. Can't help it. Not only she is beautiful but her voice and the music is amazing. Not everyone will agree with me about their music but that is ok. To each his own. Hoping I get to go though.

So I want to touch on one more thing before I end this blog. I've been staying away from talking about my recent breakup but I think everyone figured that may just be a temporary thing. Unlike some people I won't put the blame on just one person. Things happen, people change, people's ideas of where they are going and what they want to do end up being different. The one thing I have to address though is being referred to as a cheater. Back in May we had a pretty big argument and pretty much called it quits. We decided we could try to work things out. To be totally honest that never really happened. I felt like we were communicating with each other just because we both felt we had to. It was a dead end street. In the meantime though I had been talking to one of my long time friends and I begin to like her a bit. I decided to tell her this. I felt like if I was starting to become interested in someone else then I probably shouldn't be in a relationship anymore. So I ended it. Not so nice things were said to me so naturally I fired back and I made mention of this other girl. I did it of course to stir a reaction which was probably not the best idea of mine but I don't always think clearly when I'm angry. After that I was labeled a cheater. Now I will admit that while in a relationship it is not really a good thing to like someone else but sometimes these things happen. Sometimes you can not control who you like or who you dislike. It was never my intention for something like this to happen. Am I a cheater though? No. Some may agree and some may disagree with me but in the long run it is not a crime to like someone else. Now had I acted on this then yes this makes me an asshole and a cheater. When I think of cheating on someone I usually think of it in a physical sense such as kissing someone or sleeping with someone. Although I suppose now a days cheating could also be taken as screwing around with someone online too such as cyber sex or whatever. I didn't do any of that though. I'm curious as to what people think so I enabled commenting again. If you have anything not so nice to say to me feel free, doesn't mean I won't delete it or totally ignore it.

That is all for now. With football season coming up I am sure to mention some stuff about my Packers. Probably a lot of ranting and raving. Always fun.


It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday

Oh yes I did just use Rebecca Black lyrics for my blog. I seriously could not think of a title and then it occurred to me that it is still Friday here. Before anyone says anything I hate that song. Another about that song is even remotely interesting to me. I think it is one of the worse songs ever. I would listen to shit like N'Suck and Backdoor Girls before listening to her.

Well now since I made my point it is yet again another Friday night with nothing to do. At least I am occupying my time writing though right? I decided to make a resume and I am hoping the jobless streak ends soon. I think it will. Maybe that will help with my boring repetitive life and maybe I'll make some new friends. Despite the fact that I am suppose to hate people I wouldn't mind having a few new friends. Not saying my current friends are boring or anything just you know. I need more interaction!

I'm really happy with my exercising. My eating habits, well not so much at the moment. It is not as bad as it was though but it could be better. Either way I am happy with the exercising progress I am making. A few mornings this week I woke up with lack of sleep, migraine, etc and I still managed to motivate myself to get on the bike. I've rode the bike for 20 minutes everyday this week. Averaging about 4.3 to 4.4 miles a day. Not too bad if I might say so myself. I just need to keep it up. When it gets a little less humid outside I will start going for walks again. Walking really helped me out with feeling healthier and dropping some weight. I dropped 35 pounds last time I really made an effort. I can totally do that again and drop even more. I'm that confident.

I'll also go on record and say I'll have a job by the end of this month. Yep I am that confident. It is time things start working in my favor. Sometimes in order for things to work out for you, you have to go out and get things accomplished. The more of an effort you show the more likely things will work out.

Oh yeah so my last blog I was talking about me trying to sleep in my sister's room. Well I tried sleeping in there again on Wednesday night. Every time I shut my eyes it sounded like someone was screwing around by the door, like messing with the door handle. I would sit up and watch the door to see anything and nothing. As soon as I laid back down I would hear it again. Finally I was like "ok I get the point, you don't want me sleeping in here. Fine I will go somewhere else!". Haven't attempted to sleep in there since that night.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday night. I am just sitting here listening to music while writing this blog. This will probably be my night until I go to bed. I suppose I'm content with this for now. If things work out the way that they should then maybe my Friday nights might be different. I certainly hope so, it is long overdue.


It's been quiet until...

Lately I haven't had to talk about anything ghost related, then again I haven't wrote all too much anyways. It has been fairly quiet in this house or I just haven't been paying all too much attention. I've actually been sleeping in my sister's old room. The room is nice and comfortable. People are probably like "wait did you not say that the room is haunted and yet you are sleeping in there, are you nuts or something?" No I am not nuts and sure I believe there is activity in the room, doesn't mean it is going to scare me from hanging out in there.

Naturally it has been quiet until last night. I went in the room something after 1am to go to sleep. My cat Loco followed me in there and she fell asleep on legs. I laid there for a bit and then decided to close my eyes. Then I heard some noise within the room. I woke up and looked around. I could not see anything. Not sure what the noise was. I wouldn't of made a big deal about it if it was something normal. I went back to close my eyes again and then another noise. This time it sounded like someone might of been screwing around with something by the door. I thought it could of been the other cat but it wasn't. I noticed Loco wasn't freaking out or anything so I was like whatever and decided to try to go back to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes there was another noise. I couldn't make out what any of these noises were doing though. This time though Loco's reaction was to wake up suddenly and take a running jump off the bed into the chair close by the bed and she sat there and stared at the wall. Mind you she was just laying there sleeping before this happened. At this point I said to myself well I'm not going to get any sleep in here so I went to the couch on the living room. Then when I closed my eyes in there I had these images keep popping up of like scary and creepy faces appearing and like screaming at me to get my attention. Eventually it just stopped and I slept peacefully. I can't describe the faces cause they were changing so fast on me. Either way "they're back".

I've been doing pretty good on the exercising so far. I'm taking baby steps so I don't overdo it. Right now I've been spending 20 minutes a day on the exercise bike. Usually ride for 4.5 miles or close to it. 10 minutes in the morning to start my day and 10 minutes at night time. When it gets a little less humid outside I will probably get back into taking my walks, which are usually about 30 minutes. I figure I add a little bit of weights in there too eventually. Point is trying to make myself feel better and maybe shed some weight. Next will be working on what I've been eating. I haven't done horribly bad on that but I need to get better.

I have some ideas for writing, and I don't mean blogs either. Let's see if this takes me anywhere. I kinda thought to myself that I could probably totally do short stories. Lets see if I can make that happen.

Until next time don't let the ghosts bother you.



Oh blog I have missed you so much. Lack of writing in the past month. I need to change this and get back on track. Now that I am feeling a bit happier I assume I'll be updating a bit more. The past month I went through a stage of depression and I guess I just did not feel like writing about it. That phase is over though and it is time to go to a new phase.

I was going to dedicate a blog to reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2. Scratch that idea. I'll just give some of my thoughts here. I really would like to read the books to know what I have missed out on but they did an awesome job with the series and this final movie. It went out with a big bang. The story has been told. Gold prevailed over evil. The movie was great. Though I was disappointed in one thing and that would of been the very ending. I would of liked to see how more of the characters ended up later in life. Other then that everything else was great. I know compared to the book some things were changed around but I felt the final battle between Harry and Voldemort was a good change. It seemed to me that before Voldemort was destroyed that you could see in his eyes and he knew that he had lost. He looked almost sad in a way. Everything he tried to do had totally backfired on him and he knew it was over. Two characters really stood out in this one. Neville, he totally progressed from being a goofy "loser" to being a total bad ass hero at the end. The other one would of been Snape. In my opinion he was the most complete character in the movies. Sure he did not get a lot of air time but the way his story was told and presented itself was pretty damn good. Alan Rickman deserves an oscar for his performance. The whole scene where Snape dies and shares his memories with Harry is so emotional. I would be lying if I said that I did not shed a tear. Snape was the character you had to hate. He was an asshole to Harry and then he eventually killed Dumbledore. In the end though he was truly a hero because he risked his life everyday to protect Harry and do so in a way that no one ever knew his intentions. So there you have it, if you haven't seen the movie yet go do so.

It has been kinda building for the past few months but me and Reva are officially over. This is part of the reason why I go through periods of where I am not writing. As earlier as the beginning of this year I was unsure what was going to happen and then as things progressed the impending doom was inevitable. There is a lot of things I could possibly say about it. I'm going to take the high road with this one though. Last thing I need is hateful emails or whatever. What is done is done. Frankly I couldn't be happier as weird as that may sound.

Today I begun exercising again. I'll start off slow and then progress into more stuff. The goal is too not only put off a few pounds but to get a bit healthier. I've done it before I certainly can do it again.

Also this will be the month where I finally get out of my slump! Don't believe me, that's fine. It will happen.

Anyways that is all for now. I keep getting distracted. I'll be sure to update more.