My Immortal

I've been wanting to blog to talk about me going to see Evanescence last Friday but I haven't gotten around to it. I'm sitting here with not a lot to do at the moment so I figured now would be as good of a time as any for it. Up until last Friday I hadn't been to a concert in almost 7 years and afterward I totally regretted that cause Friday night made me miss live music a lot.

A little bit of back story first. I didn't start listening to Evanescence until late 2007. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a rocker. Some of my favorite bands include Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Marilyn Manson. Occasionally I listened to random stuff other then the metal and hard rock. I knew of the band Evanescence but I never gave them a chance cause they had a chick lead singer. Pretty retarded reason. I think I didn't listen to a lot of stuff cause I felt like I had to maintain this image of me being a headbanger. I totally don't fit that image anymore to be completely honest. Anyways one of my friends sent me a recording of her singing the song "My Immortal". I found out it was from the band Evanescence. I liked her version of it so I figured I would check the band out. They immediately became one of my favorites. Of course then Amy Lee became my celebrity crush. She is just so beautiful and her voice is amazing. As someone might put it "I have a boner for her". Think she is possibly the longest celebrity crush I've had to. Anyways I was looking forward to their new album to come out. Since it has come out I have been listening to it front to back. Rarely do I listen to an entire album without skipping around. I find myself relating quite a bit to this record with the lyrics and whatnot. In fact as I type this I am listening to the album. So with all of this being said I was anxious to go to the show.

I hadn't been to a show in 7 years and I have never went to a show by myself before. I must admit that I was somewhat nervous and anxious. By the time I got into the eagle's ballroom the first band Rival Sons was on stage. One thing that I have always noticed about supporting acts is if they really aren't that well known of a band you really can't make shit out. They sounded ok though. One thing I did say to myself was damn I have missed seeing live music. The second band that took the stage was The Pretty Reckless. They weren't too bad at all. One highlight out of their set was playing the Audioslave song "Like A Stone". I was like hey I recognize this song. Taylor Momsen, the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless was good eye candy too. She is pretty hot. I guess her dancing around on stage all sexy like kind of helped too. By the time they got off the stage I was all excited cause I knew Evanescence was next.

Before they took the stage there was a sequence of events. One some chick pinched my ass. I have no idea who. I really hope it was a chick to be totally honest cause if it was a guy I feel totally violated. Then I am standing there and I see these two slutty chicks who are about to go on the arena floor. My initial reaction was to say "sluts". Not even like two minutes later they walk up to me and were like excuse me can you take a picture of us. I'm thinking to myself thank you for giving me a good excuse to have to stare at two slutty chicks for a minute or two. I also thought to myself maybe I should ask for a copy of the picture or something so I had new material to masturbate to. It is really good that sometimes I don't say what is on my mind, although I'm sure it might be funny to say that just to see what someone would say in return. After I took the pictures one of the chicks grabbed my arm and said thank you so very much. That was probably the closest I will get to having sex for the rest of this year. I'm not trying to insult myself, I am just being honest.

Few minutes later Evanescence took the stage with the first single off their new album "What you want". As soon as I saw Amy Lee take the stage I had this big ass smile on my face. There was my celebrity crush in the same room/place as me. Think I stood there just smiling for a few minutes. They went on to play a lot of songs off their new album, 8 to be exact. Half the set was new material while the other half of the set was some of their hits and fan favorites. Some bands sound really good on record and then suck live. Evanescence sound amazing live. I think they sound so much better live then they do on records. Not just Amy Lee though, the entire band just sounds like a really tight knit close family up there on stage. Then of course you have Amy Lee who likes to move around all over the stage. She is definitely a rocker chick. They did mix up the songs a bit and Amy got on the piano for quite a few songs. I love how they have songs where she is on piano and yet they totally rock. It was surreal being there. Seeing a band I have listened to for the past few years and performing their songs. During slower songs I admit I had some tears in my eyes and at one point I just kinda took it all in and I was so happy to be there that there were tears of joy. Guess I am an emotional person from time to time and music really does bring it out in me. They played some songs that I was really wanting to hear such as "The Change" and "The Other Side" from their new album. "Bring Me to Life, My Immortal, and Your Star" were some other ones that I really wanted to hear. "Your Star" is my favorite Evanescence song. People may find that weird cause it is not one of their main hits but Amy is on the piano for that song and the song just totally rocks. Her voice is really amazing live. It is so easy just to get lost in the music listening to her sing. The song of the night had to of been "My Immortal". That song always triggers emotions for me. I am not sure I have ever listened to that song and not shed a tear. The crowd really got into that song and sang along with her. We were pretty damn loud too. Their set was only 70 minutes long but I think those 70 minutes were some of the best 70 minutes of my life. I wish I could relive it. Anyone who is a fan of Evanescence be sure to check them out live, you will not be disappointed.

To end this blog I will leave you all with the set list from the show and two videos from the night. The last two songs. "Your Star" and "My Immortal". Enjoy.

What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Weight of the World
The Change
Made of Stone
Lost in Paradise
My Heart Is Broken
Call Me When You're Sober
Bring Me to Life

Your Star
My Immortal

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