I'm so in love with...cheese

Totally random blog title. Maybe to get me to like laugh or something. I'm pretty sure that this blog will have nothing to do with cheese. Although I must say that I do love eating cheese. Cheese curds ftw. Oh my God, I totally want some cheese curds now. Seriously though the title is totally random. Anything else I could of thought of for the moment would of been depressing or emo seeing as how my moods have been out of whack still. I figured I'd try to fight my own demons with humor. Usually works.

I've had a migraine for what seems like days now. I keep popping pills and it does help somewhat but otherwise it has been pretty steady. I hate it. Maybe one day I should go to a doctor? Nah Nick, that makes way too much sense and we all know that Nick does not do things that make sense.

Boring section of my blog incoming...so the Packers are now 6-0. Only undefeated team left in the league. I don't even think they are playing to their full potential either which is the scary part. They play the Vikings next who just got crushed by the Bears last night. Should go into their bye week with a 7-0 record. Woot.

Brewers disappointed me. It is awesome that they got to the NLCS but they totally fell apart against the Cardinals. Everyone keeps saying that they had a great year and they should be proud of themselves but I am more critical. If you get a chance to go to the World Series you need to go in there and do what you have to do to win not throw the games away. 7 errors in 2 games is unacceptable for a professional baseball team.

Ok boring sports talk over with. Me and Catina finished all of the episodes of True Blood. Like that show a lot tbh. Glad she got me into watching the show. A lot of deaths in season 4 though. Has me curious as to what is going to happen in the next season, so curious that I started trying to find spoilers already. Season 5 is still like 8 months away though. In the meantime we started watching Grey's Anatomy together. Only 3 episodes in and the show definitely has my attention. Looks like it will be a show I can totally get into. It is kinda nice to have someone to watch shows with other then my father of course.

I've been in my own little world as of late. A lot of different emotions and feelings. I need to get back on track this week though. That is my goal for this week. Starting off with my exercising. I intend on dragging my ass out later for a walk. I have not done that in a pretty long time. It is a good excuse to bring my camera with me and take some pictures of the fall colors. May as well take advantage of it while I can because I am not sure if we are going to go to Door County to see the fall colors this year. Either way the goal for me this week is to get back on track and that starts with exercising.

Ozzy has a double ear infection. Poor cat. Me and my father are really being bad about putting the ear drops in his ears too. Although I don't see him like scratching his head or making weird movements with his head due to his ears. He was doing that quite a bit before we took him to the vet. So hopefully he is improving.

Going to see Evanescence on Friday. I am excited to go. It has been forever since I went to a show though. I really do like their new album quite a bit. I've been playing the hell out of it since it came out last Tuesday. Some of the songs though trigger some emotions for me. That happens with most music for me anyways. Nothing wrong with getting all emotional anyways!

I'm taking ideas for life lessons with the Nick videos btw.

I suppose that is it for now. See this blog totally had nothing to do with cheese!

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