Sometimes I don't really think I need another person around to amuse me. I do a fairly good job of keeping myself amused the majority of the time. It is mainly just random stupid crap that I do. Days later I will remember things and randomly laugh or smile about it. So here is some happenings from the past few days.

First off I been rearranging my room and cleaning. I'm doing spring cleaning late. More like fall cleaning I suppose. Anyways I put the green giant in the corner and then dressed him up with my Jason mask and a Black Sabbath shirt. That amused me for like a good hour or so when I did that. Then for the hell of it I took a guitar cable and was beating the crap out of him. I really don't know why. Anger management maybe? Or the fact I figured it would easily amuse me, which of course it did. I was laughing my ass off. Poor green giant, I swear if there was a way for him to strangle me he would strangle me in my sleep.

As I was cleaning I decided to move my router and modem. I unplugged the router and plugged it back in. Was working fine. Suddenly my computer turns off by itself and then when it comes back on the router won't recognize I have the internet. I was like what the hell. So I literally spent a total of 3 hours messing with it doing everything that I could possibly think of to fix it. I pretty much thought that somehow I had fried it. Then I was reading some things and determined hmm maybe I didn't put the cables back in right. After the computer shut off I took the cables out and redid the router. Well apparently I did not put them back in right. Cables in wrong will cause a router not to work. Just an FYI for everyone. So now since I have the cables in correctly I have a working router. It was a total face palm moment for me.

Then my father provided some amusement for me too. I went into the freezer the other day and there was a package of string cheese in there. I said to him what the hell is this about, why is this in the freezer? He was like um I don't know. I was like are you freezing cheese now and he replied with I believe I put that in there on accident. Well I would hope so. In 32 years I don't believe I have ever seen someone freeze cheese before lol.

I think the big LOL moment this week though had to be the trash can story. I had a small trash can in my computer room and I really didn't need it in here anymore so I took it downstairs and put it on the kitchen table. He saw it and I told him I didn't need it upstairs anymore so I decided to bring it down here. He looks at it and says I can wash this out and use this as a candy bowl. I looked at him and said seriously you are going to use a trash can for candy. He was like yeah why not, its bigger then the bowls I use. I laughed and was like ok whatever. I didn't really think he was that serious about it until yesterday. Yesterday I see the trash can on the shelve filled with candy. I started cracking up. I really can't believe he is using a trash can for his candy. Last night we were watching "Transformers" and he had the trash can of candy by him. I couldn't help but smile and laugh.

Never a dull moment in this house. At least it gives me something to smile and laugh about and hell write about in my blogs. Plus it makes life a little bit easier when you are amused about something the majority of the time.

Btw I have now written more blogs in this year then I have in the previous 2 years. Go me!

Also, hi Catina! I had to acknowledge you in some way since I know you are one of a few people that actually read my blogs. Well that and you are special.

That is all for now. Oh yeah I did get a new webcam for this computer. I have one on my laptop but I really am not on my laptop that much so I got one for my main desktop. Thinking I should go back to doing some "Life Lessons with The Nick" videos. I don't know if people really enjoyed them or not but I know some parts were somewhat funny. Until next time goodbye!

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