So we made it to Wisconsin Dells today. Pretty nice weather here. Not a drop of rain in sight. The nights are suppose to be cool but that is quite alright. It is really peaceful and beautiful here. I would much rather prefer to live somewhere like here instead of Milwaukee.

I just got out of the jacuzzi. I can't even begin to explain how relaxed I feel. Like seriously this may be the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. Now if only I could take the jacuzzi home with me. Oh that would be great. Its amazing that I am pretty afraid of water but yet I can go into a jacuzzi with very little problems. Not that I am complaining though, this is a good thing.

We haven't done much here yet, then again we only got here earlier this afternoon. We went to Walmart and bought a shit ton of snacks. Seriously when I go back home I am going to be really serious about the diet. I'm going to need to lol. Not sure what we are planning on actually doing while we are here. We don't normally plan though, we just kinda decide ok lets go do that! Although driving to Plainfield to see Ed Gein's grave is a high possibility at this point.

The trip up here was interesting enough that I felt it deserved a blog. First off we were barely even on the road when my father starts complaining about other drivers. Remember people he is the only driver out there who knows what he is doing! Well as we are driving along we are coming across a lot of road kill and pieces of tires all over the place. So my father decides to start saying out loud when we come across something. When we came across dead animals he would say "ROAD KILL". When we came across tire parts he would say "TIRE KILL". At one point we came across garbage in the road and he said "TRASH KILL". I'm like trash kill? He said yeah there was a trash bag in the road. I just started laughing. Frankly most of the way here I was like laughing. Then there was the ant incident. There was an ant in the car that crawled on him. He freaked out. He was like how the hell did an ant get in here. I am like I dunno. He kept going on about it then he was like I was about to pull in the emergency lane just to kill an ant. I started laughing cause that just sounded so ridiculous. Funny but ridiculous. Eventually I found the ant and killed it but like the last 20-30 minutes in the car he kept questioning where it came from. Many laughs today=a good start to this vacation.

Despite me feeling somewhat exhausted from traveling and after a nice relaxing jacuzzi I am in a very good mood. I wish I could feel like this all the time. I guess the challenge for me is being able to stay like this despite what may be thrown my way. I say bring it on! I don't want this feeling to go away. When Nick is happy the world is a brighter place and I am sure my friends will say that it tens to rub off on other people. Either way I can't complain. Oh wait, sure I can. The only complain I have is that a certain person lived just a tad bit closer. Who knows though, down the road even that could possibly change. I dunno I'm beginning to really think a new Nick is upon us and I don't think that will be a bad thing. It will be a good thing.

Hope everyone is well.

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