Only one person would know what the title is in reference too, if she reads this of course. By the way, hi Catina! Oh my God see I even mentioned you by name this time! Ok enough of that. I've been in a fairly good mood today so I figured I would write a little bit. I had some ideas of what I was going to write but then I decided eh I'll just write and see where I go. If I happen to go all over the place in this blog I am sorry.

I'm feeling a little less stressed. Actually to be totally honest I've been in a really good mood today. Somewhat hyper I guess. I just hope its not like a one time thing and tomorrow I go back to hating the world. I doubt that though since we are going to the Dells tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that. We don't even have to be really doing anything but just being there in the Dells is good enough for me. I think my father is happy about going, in fact he had a lot of his crap packed by noon today. Mind you we are not leaving until like noon tomorrow. Me on the other hand I will most likely do all my packing like 30 minutes before we leave. Typical for me. I work better under pressure.

Got my haircut today. I actually think I look good. I never usually think I look good, ok on occasion I may have these moments where I do but today I was really feeling it. Took a bunch of pictures to plaster on facebook. I feel so lame doing shit like that. It's like oh my god look at my picture I look so hawt please tell me I'm hawt so I don't take a razor blade to my fucking wrist! I'm totally not like that at all. Some attention is fine though but yeah I see people plaster pictures all over the internet in a hope that someone will make them feel better about themselves. Newsflash, that shit doesn't really work and in the end you may just be asking for trouble.

I might be getting visitors for a change come next summer. I know that is a long way off but still oh my God people coming to visit me in Wisconsin! No way! Cool shit like that never happens to me. Andrew and his wifey might be coming here for vacation. Well actually we would be going to Wisconsin Dells. I guess I made a pretty good pitch to Andrew to get him to be interested in coming here. The Dells are a lot of fun and there is a ton to do there. Guess I sold it well. He may not be the only coming here for that though. The female who shall remain nameless (despite the fact that she is actually mentioned in the first paragraph I kinda like referring to her like this) could possibly be coming too. Oh lord this vacation is MANY months away and it may turn into something EPIC.

Should I explain the title of my blog? Nah, it is more fun to keep people guessing.

I think this is all I will say for now. I might possibly update while I am at the Dells, assuming we have internet access. Hope everyone has had a good day. Sometimes it is just really nice to just be able to sit here and smile and really not worry about much of anything. I mean sure there is quite a bit on my mind but whatever. Worrying about stuff never usually accomplishes much anyways. So you know I'm just going to enjoy this time right now and be as happy as I can.


  1. This blog is fucking rad. Just in case you didn't already know that. ;)

  2. I knew you would like it. I'd much rather write blogs when I am in a good mood then write them when I am in a "omgz I want to kill myself" type mood.