Zombies! Must kill the zombies!

2am most normal people would be asleep. What do I do at 2am? If I'm not sleeping I'm usually trying to survive a zombie apocalypse on Left 4 Dead 2. It is currently one of my favorite games to play. Most likely because I've been playing it with a few friends. When we aren't destroying zombies we are shooting each other in the back. Makes me wonder would we actually survive a real zombie apocalypse? Probably not.

There is one character in that game I absolutely hate and that would be Coach. He is pretty much useless and in most games with us he is the computer controlled person. Dude just stands there on most occasions or walks right over you if you are incapacitated on the ground. You should hear us on voice chat sometimes. I can not repeat some of the things we say about him. Usually if he pisses off us we shoot him up next game or we just kill him altogether.

I have been meaning to update my blog but for the past week or so I have spiraled into sort of a funk. I've been really frustrated and just not myself. Trying to fight it the best I can. I suppose it probably would help if I wrote more. I dunno.

I think I decided I am going to start looking around at other jobs. I am starting to have doubts about the Piggly Wiggly job. People are telling me I am being paranoid and I most likely am. I really am overqualified for a job there but I think my experience and well the fact that I haven't worked in forever may just be my undoing. I'm still hopeful that this will work out. I really want this one. Not just because I need the money but because I need to head into a positive direction sometime in my life. I have to explore my options though. Hope still remains though.

We got xbox 360. I've been playing playstation and whatnot for the past 12-13 years. I never did get anything more advanced then a ps2. It wasn't really my decision to get one either. My father comes up to me on Monday and is like we should get a game system. I was kinda like uh ok. It just so happened that they had a deal for xbox at Best Buy. If you bought one you got a 75 Best Buy gift card. Not only that but Madden 12 was going to be coming out. So I talked him into that. We went and got it yesterday. So far, other then the problems setting up xbox live party chat, I am pretty happy with it. We need more games though. Guess it is a good thing we got that gift card. My father needs some games he can actually play cause I am sure he wouldn't get Madden.

Beavis and Butthead is making a return in October. I am excited. I loved that show as a teenager and I still love that show today. I've been wanting them to bring it back for such a long time now. So when I found out the news that they were bringing them back I was all happy. Now that they have an actual release date for it I am super excited. October promises to be a good month. Evanescence concert and the return of Beavis and Butthead.

Also excited about the new Star Wars mmo coming out. We been trying to work on getting people for our guild on the game. I suppose I can use the power of my blog to promote our guild so here I go.

Vitriol is a guild aligned to the sith empire. The core of officers have been friends for quite awhile and have experience running/co-leading guilds and raids for the past 6-7 years on SWG and WoW. We are looking for more people to hang out with us and whatnot. Please be 18 to apply.


How did that sound? Good I hope. So yeah if anyone who reads my blog is planning on playing that game check out the guild.

One thing that has been playing over and over in my head are the words "never give up". No matter how down I am about certain things or how uncertain I feel I should never give up and keep pushing forward. In the end if you don't give up then you will be successful.

August was an interesting month and for the most part I got back some of my self confidence, even if I doubt myself from time to time. I am anxious to see how September turns out. I think it will be just fine.

Btw, if people haven't noticed I changed the look of my blog a bit. Does it look cool, ok, or no?

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