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August is about halfway over with. Fall is just around the corner and then cold weather and snow. The outlook isn't so bleak though cause football season is here! Rejoice! For a period of time there it did not seem like there was going to be an NFL season this year. They got it all worked out and the Packers start preseason today.

After they won the super bowl last season I can definitely say I am hyped up for a new season of football. It seems as though they are not getting the credit they deserve. All I hear is mainly talk about the Eagles or the Saints. Vince Young goes to the Eagles and they sign a few more guys, now suddenly they are "the dream team". What a crock of shit. It has been proven time and time again that you can not buy championships. Football is a team sport and if you can not work together you will not win football games. You can't just throw a bunch of new people together and automatically bam you win it all. It takes a few years to develop a team chemistry. Besides that look at Michael Vick. Can he play a full season without getting injured? No. I don't believe he can. He runs around way too much and it leaves him vulnerable to taking big hits. Plus you have to think with all the legal problems he has had that someone out there wants to knock him the hell out. If I was a defensive player I know I would. Ok so the Eagles signed some free agents. It does not prove anything to me whatsoever.

They were getting on the Packers cause they let some guys go. People who make these comments obviously did not fully understand their situation last year. They had 15 people out on injured reserve. Sometimes they even had to rely on people who were 3rd stringers. Because that team had so much depth and team chemistry they overcame it all and went on to win the super bowl. Some of the guys who were let go are either getting too old or they were injured last year for most of the season. The free agents we lost are not a big deal cause we have so many talented people who can step in and replace right away. I don't think the Packers are getting enough credit for what they accomplished last year.

I was harsh about Rodgers for a very long time. I've gotten over it. I will always think Favre was one of the best quarterbacks to play the game but yes even now I have to admit the Packers are better off without him. I guess I've jumped on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon. The guy is fun to watch. I am glad he is on our team and not someone else like the Bears.

I see Steelers fans are still a bit bitter about the super bowl. I see a lot of people say that we barely beat them and they were robbed, etc etc. I think they need a bit of reminding of what happened in the game. You guys were lucky to even be in it until the very end. We had a 21-3 lead. We lost 2 of our best cornerbacks. We had receivers drop a ton of passes. The game could of easily been a blowout. You guys have 6 super bowl titles already so stop crying.

I know it is only preseason but I am going to make a few predictions for the upcoming season.

1)Packers finish 12-4
2)Vick won't play a full season. He will get hurt. Maybe someone will end up breaking his leg and scream at him "That was for all the dogs you killed!".
3)Rex Ryan will finally be shut up as the Jets won't even make the playoffs.
4)Even with Mcnabb the Vikings will miss the playoffs.
5)The Bears come to their senses at some point and realize Cutler won't win them a super bowl so they sign Favre.
6)Packers-Bears NFC championship for the 2nd year in a row. Cutler again pulls himself out of the game. Bears have a chance until Favre throws an INT that is returned for a touchdown. Packers advance to super bowl.
7)Packers-Patriots super bowl. Sounds like the best super bowl option at the moment. Packers pull it off due to the fact that they are still pissed about some 300 pound linemen almost running a kickoff back for a touchdown in last year's game. Revenge is sweet.
8)Favre again retires after the NFC championship game. He states that he should of stayed out of football and just spent his time taking pictures of his penis to send to random females.
9)Cutler is run out of Chicago. Pissed off fans send him death threats and kill his dog. He gets traded to the Raiders.
10)The Browns still suck.

That's my list. Off the wall a little but I suppose that is how I am. I'm a bit off the wall. It is time for football!

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