More then useless

Hello again. Well I am doing better at updating then I did last month. I had 3 blogs last month total and this is my 4th for this month. Woot. The title has meaning today. I was actually told by someone today that I definitely am not useless. Always good to hear. I mean I know I am not entirely useless but to actually be told that by someone really can make a difference, even put a smile on your face.

It is a beautiful day today. The humidity has finally went away. We have the windows wide open and it is pretty comfortable in here. It is about time. It has been a long summer so far with all this humidity. I have no idea how I put up with it in Florida. Too bad I am feeling less then perfect today although not feeling all too well is easier if your mood is good.

Exercising is still going well. I skipped last night but skipping one night won't kill me. My knee was filling the effects of exercising yesterday so I guess I wanted to rest it a little bit. My eating habits are improving but I could be better. Baby steps. It is better to go about it slowly rather then do everything at once and possibly fail. That is my opinion at least.

Evanescence is finally putting out some new music. Not only that they are also coming to Milwaukee in October. Oh I so want to go. I think I convinced myself that if I have to go alone so be it. Going alone and seeing them would be much better then not going at all. Maybe if I get tickets I will find someone to go with. Tickets aren't all too expensive. 30 bucks I believe. I really enjoy their music and everyone knows I have this huge celebrity crush on Amy Lee. Can't help it. Not only she is beautiful but her voice and the music is amazing. Not everyone will agree with me about their music but that is ok. To each his own. Hoping I get to go though.

So I want to touch on one more thing before I end this blog. I've been staying away from talking about my recent breakup but I think everyone figured that may just be a temporary thing. Unlike some people I won't put the blame on just one person. Things happen, people change, people's ideas of where they are going and what they want to do end up being different. The one thing I have to address though is being referred to as a cheater. Back in May we had a pretty big argument and pretty much called it quits. We decided we could try to work things out. To be totally honest that never really happened. I felt like we were communicating with each other just because we both felt we had to. It was a dead end street. In the meantime though I had been talking to one of my long time friends and I begin to like her a bit. I decided to tell her this. I felt like if I was starting to become interested in someone else then I probably shouldn't be in a relationship anymore. So I ended it. Not so nice things were said to me so naturally I fired back and I made mention of this other girl. I did it of course to stir a reaction which was probably not the best idea of mine but I don't always think clearly when I'm angry. After that I was labeled a cheater. Now I will admit that while in a relationship it is not really a good thing to like someone else but sometimes these things happen. Sometimes you can not control who you like or who you dislike. It was never my intention for something like this to happen. Am I a cheater though? No. Some may agree and some may disagree with me but in the long run it is not a crime to like someone else. Now had I acted on this then yes this makes me an asshole and a cheater. When I think of cheating on someone I usually think of it in a physical sense such as kissing someone or sleeping with someone. Although I suppose now a days cheating could also be taken as screwing around with someone online too such as cyber sex or whatever. I didn't do any of that though. I'm curious as to what people think so I enabled commenting again. If you have anything not so nice to say to me feel free, doesn't mean I won't delete it or totally ignore it.

That is all for now. With football season coming up I am sure to mention some stuff about my Packers. Probably a lot of ranting and raving. Always fun.

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