It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday

Oh yes I did just use Rebecca Black lyrics for my blog. I seriously could not think of a title and then it occurred to me that it is still Friday here. Before anyone says anything I hate that song. Another about that song is even remotely interesting to me. I think it is one of the worse songs ever. I would listen to shit like N'Suck and Backdoor Girls before listening to her.

Well now since I made my point it is yet again another Friday night with nothing to do. At least I am occupying my time writing though right? I decided to make a resume and I am hoping the jobless streak ends soon. I think it will. Maybe that will help with my boring repetitive life and maybe I'll make some new friends. Despite the fact that I am suppose to hate people I wouldn't mind having a few new friends. Not saying my current friends are boring or anything just you know. I need more interaction!

I'm really happy with my exercising. My eating habits, well not so much at the moment. It is not as bad as it was though but it could be better. Either way I am happy with the exercising progress I am making. A few mornings this week I woke up with lack of sleep, migraine, etc and I still managed to motivate myself to get on the bike. I've rode the bike for 20 minutes everyday this week. Averaging about 4.3 to 4.4 miles a day. Not too bad if I might say so myself. I just need to keep it up. When it gets a little less humid outside I will start going for walks again. Walking really helped me out with feeling healthier and dropping some weight. I dropped 35 pounds last time I really made an effort. I can totally do that again and drop even more. I'm that confident.

I'll also go on record and say I'll have a job by the end of this month. Yep I am that confident. It is time things start working in my favor. Sometimes in order for things to work out for you, you have to go out and get things accomplished. The more of an effort you show the more likely things will work out.

Oh yeah so my last blog I was talking about me trying to sleep in my sister's room. Well I tried sleeping in there again on Wednesday night. Every time I shut my eyes it sounded like someone was screwing around by the door, like messing with the door handle. I would sit up and watch the door to see anything and nothing. As soon as I laid back down I would hear it again. Finally I was like "ok I get the point, you don't want me sleeping in here. Fine I will go somewhere else!". Haven't attempted to sleep in there since that night.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday night. I am just sitting here listening to music while writing this blog. This will probably be my night until I go to bed. I suppose I'm content with this for now. If things work out the way that they should then maybe my Friday nights might be different. I certainly hope so, it is long overdue.

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