It's been quiet until...

Lately I haven't had to talk about anything ghost related, then again I haven't wrote all too much anyways. It has been fairly quiet in this house or I just haven't been paying all too much attention. I've actually been sleeping in my sister's old room. The room is nice and comfortable. People are probably like "wait did you not say that the room is haunted and yet you are sleeping in there, are you nuts or something?" No I am not nuts and sure I believe there is activity in the room, doesn't mean it is going to scare me from hanging out in there.

Naturally it has been quiet until last night. I went in the room something after 1am to go to sleep. My cat Loco followed me in there and she fell asleep on legs. I laid there for a bit and then decided to close my eyes. Then I heard some noise within the room. I woke up and looked around. I could not see anything. Not sure what the noise was. I wouldn't of made a big deal about it if it was something normal. I went back to close my eyes again and then another noise. This time it sounded like someone might of been screwing around with something by the door. I thought it could of been the other cat but it wasn't. I noticed Loco wasn't freaking out or anything so I was like whatever and decided to try to go back to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes there was another noise. I couldn't make out what any of these noises were doing though. This time though Loco's reaction was to wake up suddenly and take a running jump off the bed into the chair close by the bed and she sat there and stared at the wall. Mind you she was just laying there sleeping before this happened. At this point I said to myself well I'm not going to get any sleep in here so I went to the couch on the living room. Then when I closed my eyes in there I had these images keep popping up of like scary and creepy faces appearing and like screaming at me to get my attention. Eventually it just stopped and I slept peacefully. I can't describe the faces cause they were changing so fast on me. Either way "they're back".

I've been doing pretty good on the exercising so far. I'm taking baby steps so I don't overdo it. Right now I've been spending 20 minutes a day on the exercise bike. Usually ride for 4.5 miles or close to it. 10 minutes in the morning to start my day and 10 minutes at night time. When it gets a little less humid outside I will probably get back into taking my walks, which are usually about 30 minutes. I figure I add a little bit of weights in there too eventually. Point is trying to make myself feel better and maybe shed some weight. Next will be working on what I've been eating. I haven't done horribly bad on that but I need to get better.

I have some ideas for writing, and I don't mean blogs either. Let's see if this takes me anywhere. I kinda thought to myself that I could probably totally do short stories. Lets see if I can make that happen.

Until next time don't let the ghosts bother you.

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