Oh blog I have missed you so much. Lack of writing in the past month. I need to change this and get back on track. Now that I am feeling a bit happier I assume I'll be updating a bit more. The past month I went through a stage of depression and I guess I just did not feel like writing about it. That phase is over though and it is time to go to a new phase.

I was going to dedicate a blog to reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2. Scratch that idea. I'll just give some of my thoughts here. I really would like to read the books to know what I have missed out on but they did an awesome job with the series and this final movie. It went out with a big bang. The story has been told. Gold prevailed over evil. The movie was great. Though I was disappointed in one thing and that would of been the very ending. I would of liked to see how more of the characters ended up later in life. Other then that everything else was great. I know compared to the book some things were changed around but I felt the final battle between Harry and Voldemort was a good change. It seemed to me that before Voldemort was destroyed that you could see in his eyes and he knew that he had lost. He looked almost sad in a way. Everything he tried to do had totally backfired on him and he knew it was over. Two characters really stood out in this one. Neville, he totally progressed from being a goofy "loser" to being a total bad ass hero at the end. The other one would of been Snape. In my opinion he was the most complete character in the movies. Sure he did not get a lot of air time but the way his story was told and presented itself was pretty damn good. Alan Rickman deserves an oscar for his performance. The whole scene where Snape dies and shares his memories with Harry is so emotional. I would be lying if I said that I did not shed a tear. Snape was the character you had to hate. He was an asshole to Harry and then he eventually killed Dumbledore. In the end though he was truly a hero because he risked his life everyday to protect Harry and do so in a way that no one ever knew his intentions. So there you have it, if you haven't seen the movie yet go do so.

It has been kinda building for the past few months but me and Reva are officially over. This is part of the reason why I go through periods of where I am not writing. As earlier as the beginning of this year I was unsure what was going to happen and then as things progressed the impending doom was inevitable. There is a lot of things I could possibly say about it. I'm going to take the high road with this one though. Last thing I need is hateful emails or whatever. What is done is done. Frankly I couldn't be happier as weird as that may sound.

Today I begun exercising again. I'll start off slow and then progress into more stuff. The goal is too not only put off a few pounds but to get a bit healthier. I've done it before I certainly can do it again.

Also this will be the month where I finally get out of my slump! Don't believe me, that's fine. It will happen.

Anyways that is all for now. I keep getting distracted. I'll be sure to update more.

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