I totally didn't realize that my blog yesterday was my 100th blog I have written for this blog site. I'm a long way off doing what I did with my livejournal. I was a posting whore back then though. Literally I would write posts just to say "Hi my name is Nick and I literally have nothing else to do then to write a stupid entry just to say hi". I like to think my online journal has improved over the years and I write more meaningful posts now a days. If I didn't someone would tell me right?

I was thinking why don't I use numbers for blog titles. I mean it would be easier then trying to think of a catchy subject that is not going to catch someone's attention anyways. I was going to do that for my 100th blog but I had a total fail on my part and forgot I got to my 100th blog. Oh well. Maybe numbering blogs will be something to do for now on?

Let me talk about...baseball. No way Nick, baseball? Since when did you like baseball? I use to love baseball as a kid and into my teenage years. I was on a softball team from 4th to 6th grade. My only trophy I have to show for is the 6th grade softball team. Well either way I use to love to play baseball. I've been to a few Brewers games. Never at Miller Park though. It was around 1995 where I stopped really paying attention to it until this year. I mean I usually paid attention to what the Brewers were doing but just never really enough to care. When me and my father went to the Dells I spent some time watching a few of their games. Then I started paying more attention, watching some more games, etc. Now the Brewers are kicking some ass this year. They have a really good chance at doing something this year. I've enjoyed my first year paying attention to baseball in a very long time. Wouldn't it be something if the Brewers won the world series the same year that the Packers won the super bowl? Crazier things have happened.

Not too long ago I made mention of this female that I was interested in. Without getting into any details we pretty much decided that it was not going to work out. I admit I am pretty bummed about it. Life goes on though. Other fish in the sea. In reality I am not ready for another relationship right now anyways. Down the road sure but I have to work on myself first. Getting me situationed>a relationship atm. I am thinking of doing a blog called "The Girlfriend Application". It would be meant to be a joke but I can see that pissing off a few people. Hey if I piss off a few people it would mean that they actually took the time to read it. Score!

I believe that is all for now. Let us see what the upcoming week holds for the Nick. Hopefully a 2nd job interview. Oh how sweet that would be. Keeping my fingers crossed cause this job I really want.

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