The Heat is on

Today's temperature 98 degrees. Heat index was about 109 or so. Ah I love this weather. No seriously it is a good excuse for me to walk around naked. Even if I am not. I'm not going to bitch about it too much cause you know in a few months I'll be saying oh my god it is too cold. The joys of living in Wisconsin. I will go on record now though and say if I had to choose between being too hot or too cold I will stick with being too cold.

Dealing with so much heat and humidity has made me not feel like doing anything. Is this any different then how I normally am though? Seriously though this is the first time that I have even felt like writing since the last time I wrote a blog which was almost 3 weeks ago now. I haven't even felt like doing any of my ghost hunting stuff either. I have so many evps and whatnot to go through but it requires effort and right now if I was graded on effort I would be getting a big fat F. Must find motivation somehow Nick. Go go go!

I discovered a new thing to do online. I got this program called steam and my friend Catina sent me a copy of the game Left 4 Dead 2 so me, her and a few other friends decided to play the game with each other online. It is fun. Going around blowing up zombies. It gets a bit repetitive at times however. There are other games I have found on there that were free to play so I downloaded them. Either way it is a good alternative to WoW which I can proudly say I have been off that game for over a month now. Go me. If the thought of going back ever occurs I say to myself well what am I going to do on there anyways, the same shit I've been doing for years now? Useless game is useless.

I feel like a vampire atm. I'm in my room and I have blankets covering my windows so not a lot of light can get in here. Trying to keep it as cool as possible in here. I'm pretty much living in darkness so I feel like I should be a vampire. Vampire dudes get all the chicks right? Well the whole vampire thing worked for Edward in Twilight even if the girl looks like she has never been in the sun her entire life. I suppose she would fit in perfectly as a vampire then huh? Why in the hell am I talking about Twilight anyways? I'm a guy, I am not suppose to like this shit!

Last week I finally got to see the new Transformers. It was pretty awesome. I enjoyed it. Is there anyone else out there who feels bad when all the good guys die though? When I was a kid I was totally for the good guys in movies, shows, and even wrestling. Then I turned to the "dark side" and I found myself supporting the bad guys. I honestly think the turning point there for me was when Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the NWO in WCW. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It felt like it was cool to be the bad guy. The only difference is in like the Harry Potter series I never really cheered the bad guys although I do think Lord Voldemort is a bad ass. I totally got off track. Transformers was a great movie. It was totally panned by critics and loved by everyone else. It is a movie I can't wait to pick up on blu-ray and blast on our tv. I also got to see the new and final Harry Potter. That movie is awesome enough to get it's own blog. Coming soon!

Quite a bit has been on my mind lately but I will not get into that. I'm sure some people were wondering where I had been but I assure everyone that I am still alive and kicking. Until next time stay cool. Stand naked in front of the A/C if you have to!

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