We're all a little insane

First off I have to thank everyone who reads my blogs and the few that comment. Very much appreciated. In April I had 205 page views to my blog. Last month I jumped up to 890. Quite a big jump. Guess I need to keep people interested so they keep coming back. Now if I could just find a way to make some money with my blog.

Wednesday we went to Sheyboygan to check out Glenbeulah cemetery. I have to say the last few minutes of the ride was creepy. We drove through the woods to get there on a gravel road that had some insane curves. When we got to the road of the cemetery there was a sign that said the hours were 7am-5pm but then it said no trespassing. I am sorta confused about that. Does that mean they don't want anyone there at all or does it mean that it is ok to go there between 7 and 5? Rather then chance it we decided not to go up there. Plus there was no where to park the car anyways. They seriously did not want people to go to this cemetery. I understand though, given the history and the satanic rituals that supposedly took place there. My father said I could walk up there alone if I wanted to. I declined. Last thing I need is some toothless inbred coming out of the woods with a shotgun. Yes, I have seen too many movies on that very subject. So we headed back home. I must say I was a bit disappointed, although now a days I don't have to leave the house if I want any paranormal activity.

I got my adapter for my camcorder that day. I was so excited that now I could probably get all my videos on the computer. Of course I ran into a slight problem. The adapter I have with the camcorder only has the yellow and black rca hookup. Well because of this when I hooked it into the usb adapter I would only get sound on one side. I tried going to a few stores to find an s-video hookup with audio. Yep, nonexistent unless you buy it online. Instead I bought a new adapter for the camcorder that has red, white, and yellow instead of yellow and black. Hope this one works out.

Wednesday night I was bored so I laid down on my couch and decided to see if I could catch some evp. Right when I turned the recorder on my cat meowed which I thought was kinda funny. Then I start talking a bit. I asked if anyone would like to say hello. My cat meowed and ran down the stairs. I then asked if anyone else would like to say hello. Upon review of the recorder there was a reply to that after like 10 seconds. I asked a variety of questions. I sorta felt like I was being watched and that I was not alone. After 6 minutes of recording I said goodbye. When I said goodbye on the recorder there was a voice after it. After editing and enhancing some of the sounds I determined what was being said. The first incident the voice was replying to me when I said my cat said hello. The voice said "did she really?". The voice after I said goodbye said to me "don't leave yet" or it was "don't go yet". One of those two. I am not by my other computer so I can't listen to it. I will probably get this online later today.

The incidents don't stop there of course. On Thursday night while I was sitting by my computer the vacuum cleaner that I have in my hallway suddenly slammed into the wall. I looked to see if the cats could of done it but neither one of them was upstairs. My initial reaction was what the hell. I grabbed my recorder but I got nothing on there. Then last night as I was sitting here on the laptop in the kitchen one of the kitchen lights turned on and off really quick. So someone is definitely trying to get my attention. I have reason to believe that it is most likely my sister so my next course of action is going to be recording in her old room with my recorder and my camcorder and to try to see what it is she may want. I also intend on having her urn by me too. I am not trying to piss her off but it is clear that she wants to make contact with us and I want to know why.

Other then that I finally intend on dragging my ass to the dmv this week so I can start working on my license. Yes I have been lazy and I have been putting it off but a lack of a job is really bugging the hell out of me at the moment so I figure I would help myself if I worked on the license.

I haven't mentioned this yet but I canceled my WoW account. It is time I move on. I been on the game for 5 years. I log on to mainly raid now a days and I really don't find it all too fun anymore. My game time has decreased dramatically since I don't feel like logging on. Think in the past week I have been on for maybe 3 hours total? My account runs out on the 15th. I will miss most people in my guild but I figure if people want to stay in touch they will find a way since I do have this blog and facebook.

That is pretty much all for now. I know lot more ghost stuff. I am pretty sure I am not going crazy and all of this is just an illusion in my head. Obviously if I am getting stuff on the recorder I don't think this is just all in my head. Weird occurrences have been going on in this house for a long time. It was mainly to my dad for quite awhile but now it is specifically to me. It doesn't scare me all too much. It does make me a bit paranoid and I am constantly waiting for something to jump out at me, even if that will never happen. I will add the evp later for people to hear. As always with any of my videos comments are welcome.


  1. For halloween Im trick or treating at your house! ^_^ spooky house of nicks.

  2. Don't you live a bit too far away for that?