Ow! Ow! Watch where you are walking!

I thought I needed a little less serious of a blog. Sometimes we all need just a good laugh or to have a moment where we aren't so serious.

Do you own an animal who likes to walk on your lap at the most inconvenient times? My cat Ozzy is like this. He likes to get attention from time to time. I am fine with that however he always does it at the least expected times. Nothing like a 15 pound cat who jumps on your lap and then proceeds to step down hard right on your junk. Yes it sucks. I tell him all the time to watch where he is stepping but he is a cat, does he really understand me that well? Apparently not since I continue to take a beating from him. I don't mind him being on my lap so I can pet him and give him some attention. I love my cats and sometimes they seem to know how you are feeling and they go out of their way to make you feel better. Please though for the love of God Ozzy stop stepping on my junk!

He is declawed. My sister found him up in northern Wisconsin. He was hanging around the farm that her boyfriend has up there and she brought him home to us. He is a very sweet cat. Low maintenance and really doesn't crave a lot of attention. He does his needing thing quite a bit too. That is another thing he does when he decides to walk over me. He starts needing. It's like dude you are already here on my lap and I am petting you, what more do you want from me? Worse then a woman I swear! I can't count how many times this cat has dug his back claws into my legs. I know he does not mean to but still!

See a little less serious of a blog. I think it was needed. Here is a pic of my kitties. On the left is Ozzy and on the right is Loco.

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