One of These Days

I haven't really talked much about music lately. It has been all ghosts and my house is haunted. For those ghost lovers yeah I will talk about that later. I won't say Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands because I will be honest I don't listen to them religiously. First time I listened to "The Wall" was at a Halloween party back in the 90s. Nothing better then a bunch of drunk people and some Floyd. I always liked "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Hey You" but other then that I am not a loyal Floyd listener. Maybe I should be. Their music seems to make me feel pretty mellow and relaxed. Recently I came across the song "One of These Days". It is an instrumental song but seriously it just blows me away. I can sit here and listen to this song over and over again all day. I love the way the guitars sound, the bass, the drums, everything is just what I would call "epicness". I will link the youtube video to the song. Enjoy.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a haunted house? If so come on over to my house. You may just get a taste of what it is like. I have determined that my sister's old room is haunted but it may not just be here spirit there, it may be many more. At least that is what I got from a recent evp recording from that room. Yeah I am far behind on my evp videos. So much stuff has happened in the past few weeks though. I will try to summarize it.

First off 3 out of the past 4 nights I have either heard or seen something while in that room. The exception would be Friday night but that is only because I did not go into that room. I usually go in there nightly and experiment with my EMF meter. Every single night usually around the same time frame it starts going off. It is not just a quick spike either. Literally it will go off and stay going off for quite awhile. I think one time it went like 15 minutes. Wednesday night I decided to walk around the room and take some pictures. I did at one point asked the spirit to show itself. At that moment I saw what looked like a ball of light appear and disappear right by the bed. I immediately took a picture and upon looking at the pictures in that very spot I had gotten a picture of the ball of light. On Thursday night I decided to take my EMF meter into the closet. I just had this feeling about the closet. It was going nuts in the closet right by the clothes that are in there. As I was in there I heard what I describe as a high pitch female's voice. Almost sounded like my name was being said. Last night I decided to go back in there for a bit. First it started out with the light being turned on by itself. Yes I walked into the room and as I walked out I turned off the light. I went into the bathroom and came out and noticed the light was still on. I was like what the hell. Asked my father if he saw that and of course he was not paying attention. I sat in there for a little bit last night. I didn't do any evp though. As I am in there I was paying attention to the closet since I had that experience the other night. I saw something. It looked like a white mist had formed and then disappeared. I just sat there with my eyes directly on it and I pointed at it with my finger. Probably would of been a funny moment for people if they randomly saw me. Not too long ago actually I was in that room and I swear I heard someone say my name. So yes I am pretty sure that room is haunted. It may be more activity now since the anniversary of Mary's death is approaching. Either way I am wondering if we should rent out that room for 50 bucks a night to see if people could last an entire night in that room. Could be entertaining.

Before people think I am crazy, which I am sure some people already think that let me just say I am not the only one experiencing things. My father has had a few encounters in the past few weeks. One morning he saw a shadow right in front of him and before he even had a chance to react to it the shadow was gone. Then a few nights later he said it someone was tapping him on the shoulder in the middle of the night. He said he was tapped 3 times. We could of used the cats as an explanation to that one but he does not let them in his room at night time so his door was closed.

At least one thing is certain. Thanks to all these occurrences it gives me stories to tell people.

There is more I could say but I will leave with that. I will be reviewing my evp recording from Dartford cemetery cause when I reviewed the recording further there was some stuff on there. I will hopefully be sharing that soon. Until next time take care and don't let the ghosts bother you all too much.

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