Investigating my sister's room-evp session

Last Saturday I decided that I wanted to see if I could get some evp from my sister's room. I took her urn in there and was going to sit in the dark with a pad of paper full of questions. Before I even started the questions my emf meter was going crazy for about 5 minutes. I then closed myself in the room and turned off all the lights and sat in the dark.

I don't think I am very good at this sort of thing yet. My questions were coming out too fast and I probably was asking stuff that I shouldn't of. I admit I was somewhat nervous when I was in there.

After the first 10 minute recording I decided to go back in the room and test out if I could get a reaction to using bathroom spray in her room. She always hated the smell of that and it would piss her off greatly. I do not advise ever doing anything that may piss off a spirit, even if it is a relative. I will not do anything like that again.

I will be doing a followup evp session in the near future.

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