The EMF meter goes crazy!

Before I decided to investigate my sister's old room last night i turned on the emf meter to see if I could get any readings. I placed it on the bed and suddenly it started going off. No actual spikes in the readings but the light kept going on for 5 minutes. Finally when I started to record it went off. The rest of the night it was on and did not go off anymore.


  1. Niice, thats just freaky... whats even freakier, your whispering about it >_<!!

  2. Yeah I don't know why I did that for. I think sometimes I feel like if I am talking out loud I am going to disturb whatever is there. Of course I do realize they can hear the whispering just as good lol.

    In all the time that I have had this emf meter I have never had any success with it going off until this night, which is why I found it interesting.