Be Patient

Again I must ask why is it illegal to strangle people? I would love to strangle someone. Ok, I am not being serious. It is just a phrase I will use when I am annoyed. Of course I am annoyed over something stupid. Patience Nick, stupid people will go away.

Not too long ago I was in my sister's room and I fell asleep on the bed in there. My mom appeared to me in a dream. She was happy to see me. She was glowing. She had said to me that I needed to "be patient". If I am patient everything will turn out just fine. Not in regards to anything specific in regards to anything I do. A little patience pays off. She also told me to re listen to my voice recordings because as she said there was going to be stuff there. She was right on both accounts. All I need is a little bit of patience and things will be alright. Plus there was a bunch of stuff on my recording, some older stuff that I had missed. She may be gone but my mom is still a smart woman.

I got a book about haunted Wisconsin places. I went through the book within a day of getting it. Some interesting stuff. I also found out the serial killer Ed Gein is buried in Plainfield, Wisconsin. So I believe we are going to plan a trip there someday to check it out. As creepy as that may be I think it would be interesting to see what types of unsettled spirits may be lurking in that cemetery. His grave is unmarked due to idiots who came in the cemetery and vandalized his grave. I realize what he did was just horrible but it is no reason to go screw with his grave. Let the dead rest.

We went to Green Bay yesterday. We walked around Lambeau field a bit. I would love to go to a Packer game again. It has been way too long. It was such an awesome experience when I did go. We also went to check out Lawrence cemetery in De Pere. It was a place listed in the book I read. It was nearby Green Bay so we figure we go check it out. We weren't there very long. Maybe 20 minutes or so. My father has a hard time walking around for a long period of time and frankly I hate walking around cemeteries during the day. I prefer night time. There was one incident in the cemetery though. I was walking around and my camera started to act weird. It would not process the pictures. I had to shut it off. Upon reviewing the recorder after that had happened I had said "Hello my name is Nick, would any spirits like to talk to me?" I said something else and then on the recorder you hear "nice to meet ya". Afterward there is this weird heavy breathing that was definitely not me. Wherever I take that recorder I get something. Either I am really good at getting spirits to talk to me or I am just a spirit magnet. Maybe both.

My nephew Josh just graduated high school. His party was on Saturday. Was interesting but was fun. Always fun times when the family gets together. There was this chick there named Candy. She is at a lot of our family functions. I won't say all too much about her other then she is a nutcase. It was entertaining though. I now have a niece and nephew out of high school. Talk about feeling old.

Put in some more job apps. Something is going to come up sooner or later. I needs the money people!

I'm sure I will be back with more evp recordings this week. Also I will be doing a new life lesson this week. Until then in the words of my mother "be patient".


  1. nick lets just say that you cant fix stupid, and if brains were gasoline then some people wouldnt have enough to get a piss-ants go-cart around a cheerio.

  2. Actually stupid can be fixed. It is called kill all the stupid people. Then again they would become ghosts and be stupid ghosts. I suppose it is a vicious cycle with no end.