Waiting for the Rapture

Here it is. May 21st, 2011. This day was predicted to be the rapture. I have nothing better to do but sit here and wait to see what will actually happen. I've been keeping up to date with the news as well as real time updates from people across the internet. So far it has been an uninteresting day. Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and it appears for the moment we are getting poured on before our demise. Nothing to do but sit and wait.

Originally it was said the rapture was going to happen on a time zone basis when a time zone would reach 6pm. Well a lot of countries are now way past the 6pm barrier and are already on the next day. No reports of random flying Christians just yet. Sorta sounds like a Harry Potter movie. People flying around. So I suppose if you see someone fly past your window then you know they are off to heaven. I guess the time thing has been adjusted. Now it is suppose to happen at 6pm. Ok 6pm, but what 6pm? Eastern? Central? Mountain? Pacific? I am going to assume that since the man who predicted this, Harold Camping, lives on the west coast that it will be pacific time. So roughly around 8pm my time. Great. So this means another 5 and a half hours before I can say that this is total bullshit? I find it funny that it was on a time zone basis but now it is the same time for all of us. My question would be why would it of been on a time zone basis anyways? I really find it hard to believe that if God was going to flood the gates of heaven with people that he would do so zone by zone. It would be for all of us at the same time. Then again what do I know? I am just some nobody who lives in Wisconsin who hasn't been let in on God's master plan. Maybe the rapture is real after all. Again I will sit here and wait until the hour is upon us.

One thing that scares me just a bit is what if this does happen? What then? Will a lot of us die right away with the earthquake that is suppose to happen? Or will we just be terminated slowly over the course of a few months. From what I understand from various things I have read and watched is there is suppose to be some sort of time of peace after the rapture happens. This is not what the guy predicted. He told us that the next 5 months will be absolute hell for anyone left behind and by October 21st of this year we will all be dead. What happened to this period of peace? I suppose the course of plans can change over time. Again I sit here and wait while these thoughts and questions pop into my head.

Fear sells. You put an idea out there for people and they will snatch it up like a pack of hungry wolves. You get one person thinking one way and then that person goes to another person and then that person goes to someone else. Before you know it a whole group of people are introduced to this idea of fear and are spreading it to others. Eventually it becomes so out of control that people believe something is going to happen. Fear sells and people just keep on buying and buying it. Of course I may very well be adding to all of this. I am just thinking out loud for everyone to read.

So again here I sit waiting to see what happens and hoping that nothing does happen. There are things I would like to accomplish before my time is done. There are places I would like to see. There are people I would like to see. I honestly don't feel anything is coming to an end anytime soon. Still, I sit here and wait. Keeping my eyes and ears open so I can see and hear anything that is going on.

If this would happen to be my last blog then I have to say that if you have touched my heart in anyway you are loved and will never be forgotten. Anyone I've had a grudge with or have disliked consider that to be a thing of the past. To my family, I love you all. To my girlfriend, I love you.

Of course if no rapture does actually happen just a fair warning that tomorrow I go back to hating everyone again.


  1. I think I got left behind.. my dog disappeared xD

  2. Awww that is so sad. At least you know he was a good doggie!