The Rapture, Ghosts, and other ramblings from The Nick

The last few days I have been adding quite a bit to my blog, yet none of them have been actual blogs. I've been having fun uploading EVPs to my computer and sharing them with people. Hey it has gotten me increased traffic to my blog. Yay. Time for me to say something awesome but yet witty huh? Not a chance. In between all these blog video posts I wanted to do an "actual" blog so here I am. Enjoy!

So, the rapture is happening on Saturday. Neat. Is everyone ready for it? Ok enough of the bullshit. Do I think the rapture is going to happen? Do monkeys fly out of my butt? Oh wait, don't answer that one cause there one goes. I can't say I believe that the rapture is going to happen. It has been predicted before, incorrectly a few times. Plus if people actually paid attention to what it says in the bible they would know the end is not given an exact date. It is suppose to come like a thief in the night. People though are going crazy and there is crap all over the internet about the world ending. I'm not buying it. What would it be like if it were to happen? Well from what I understand is the rapture is where God takes people into heaven so they don't have to be around for the actual end of the world. They are like exempt from all the pain, suffering, and death that is suppose to take place. Supposedly people just disappear into thin air. How crazy would that be to like be sitting next to someone and all of a sudden they disappear? Could you imagine being in an airplane when suddenly the pilot disappears? Scary thought. But yeah I don't think anything is going to happen. After Saturday passes everyone will be like oh wait we got the date wrong and then they will give us another date. Foolish people. I guess we will see in a few days though. If I am wrong though I'm sure I will try to make peace with God. I'll attempt to feel bad about fantasizing about chicks I will never ever get to bang. Somehow I'll find a way to remain here. I'll be spared cause I'm just that awesome. Plus this quote from a Marilyn Manson song applies to me. "Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell". Ok maybe it doesn't but it is my blog, let me think what I want.

The ghost like experience at had at Wilderness on the Lake I guess triggered some sort of paranormal activity with me. I'm not really minding it one bit. Sometimes communicating with ghosts is more interesting then communicating with people who are still alive. Yes I am saying people suck. Anyways on Monday while I was sitting by my computer my voice recorder starts making a weird noise. It had no batteries in it. I am looking at it going what in the hell could be causing that to make noise like that. I ended up recording a short video and then posting it on youtube and on my blog. Check out the blog "No Batteries" if you haven't already.

On Tuesday it was the 2 year anniversary of my grandma's death. My father decided to go out for awhile. I took advantage of this to try to pick up some voice recordings in the house. Yeah I am weird like that but hey relatives of people when they pass away usually stick close to family. I first started off in my room talking for a bit. Then I went into my father's room, the room where my mother had passed away in. Then I went into the spare bedroom. That room was my sister Mary's room but my grandma also stayed in there. Then for the final one I went into the living room and at one point stayed close by to where my sister's urn is. I asked a few questions trying to see if I could get a response. After I was all done I decided to plug in some headphones and have a listen. There were some weird possible things on the first 3 recordings. Nothing that I found really conclusive, though as I found out that sometimes I don't detect things until years later. Point in case on my voice recorder I had 3 EVPs and then when I went through it on Sunday I was up to 6. So I will hold onto what I record for awhile. The last recording though just like a minute into it I asked a question and there was a 10 second pause and then there was a noise. My initial reaction was like oh my god! I listened to it again and for sure there was something there. I then recorded all the waves to my computer. I screwed around with the file listening to it, adjusting volumes, cleaning up the noise, etc. I came to the conclusion that the noise was a sneeze. How weird, a ghost getting my attention with a sneeze? It made perfect sense though. My sister Mary had allergy problems a lot and sneezed all the time. When she sneezed it was very loud. After the sneeze there is some talking. I am still unsure what is being said but I came to the conclusion that it says "that's what you get". I could be wrong but thats what I picked up. Again this video is in the blog "The ghostly sneeze", check it out if you haven't yet.

Yesterday we returned to Green Lake to check out Dartford cemetery. I was anxious and nervous to see this cemetery. I didn't take much with me. My camera and my voice recorder. It was a 2 hour drive to get there. When we did the cemetery is split into two sections. On the south side of the road is the old section and on the other side of the road is the newer section. We went to the older section first. The cemetery has a reputation of being haunted. It was featured on the show "A Haunting". This is what made it a bit intimating for me. I also knew though that I was going there through the day so it shouldn't be as bad. It is tough to go there at night time as you need police permission otherwise you can get a $1,000 fine. Which is sad cause it does seem to be a peaceful cemetery that has a lot of history in it. There is an indian chief who is buried there. Civil war soldiers, as well as children from one family who all died apparently to polio. First thing I did was find the indian chief grave. The grave in itself is creepy. I kinda felt like I might not of been there alone. That was one of the main things people described while being in that cemetery. Feelings of being watched or followed. I do think at one point I was hearing whistling. It could of been one of the birds, there were an unusual amount of them in the cemetery at that time but I am not sure. I did take out my voice recorder and walked around for a bit and of course took a ton of pictures. There is a mausoleum in the cemetery that is said to be haunted. Supposedly if you sit up on there a ghost will push you off. I thought about going up there but at the same time I said with my luck I would get pushed off. Plus I didn't think I could get my fat ass up there. I tell you though that cemetery did have sort of an eerie feeling to me. It could of been just me being intimated cause it was suppose to be haunted. We went to the other side of the cemetery and it felt different over there. Like walking through the old section I felt really cold and whatnot but walking on the other side of the cemetery it felt warm and just felt different. We then departed and left for Milwaukee. When I got home I uploaded all my pictures to my computer, and then later to facebook. I then looked at how many more pictures I could fit on that memory card and the amount was 666. That was unsettling enough to cause me to have problems trying to go to sleep last night. I tried to go through some of the EVP I recorded but I'm going to have to pay closer attention to it. I am unsure that I got anything. I was however happy that I got to check out the cemetery. I hope to one day do a night time investigation there.

This is giving me something to do while I wait around while job hunting. I am tired and bored of WoW so this is keeping me busy for the moment. I know people think I'm crazy and I know some people think my reasoning is out of whack and they think that I think everything is paranormal. Well I am interested in this area quite a bit and I have had many odd experiences. Before I pass something off as being paranormal I do try to reasonably think of a logical explanation for it. If I can't come up with one then yes I may think it is of paranormal nature. I don't think this is weird at all. It is a fascinating hobby for me. Maybe I go slightly overboard with talking about it but hey if people don't want to hear about it then they don't have to read my stuff. It is as simple as that.

My diet is going ok. No I have not weighed myself but I been going on the exercise bike and eatting a bit better. I try not to eat after 8pm. I make sure I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a few snacks in there. I need to get back to walking. Walking is a big help in controlling my weight. If the weather would just stay stable then it might be a little bit easier.

I am looking for someone who could possibly design some better graphics for my blog. Like "The Nick" logo at the top of my blog and maybe some cooler looking background. I want something dark and gloomy like a graveyard background. Or maybe I should just teach myself to do this crap. It reaks of effort though.

Well unless the world does end I am sure you all will be hearing more from me. If the rapture does happen then all I can say is I was wrong and for once all the crazy bitches out there were right. Otherwise you all will still be here reading my blogs. Hope you all have enjoyed my videos of my EVPs. Hopefully in the future I will have more to share. I added a submit form so people can put in their email address and everytime I write a blog it will tell you. Plus for all you youtubers subscribe and friend me. That way you will know when I add more videos. In the meantime take care and if anyone has any ghosts I will gladly investigate for you! Especially if you a hot single female. I'm kidding, I am taken.


  1. haha xD If the rapture happens well I'll have fun sitting on earth while people dance in heaven. And dude, people are more mental, they don't believein the paranormal thats them.
    GO nick! You can do the whole diet thing, and erm, once that happens. Uh it's about being healthy!
    What else can I say... Im not single but you can explore my house!!! with reva xD i'll watch.

  2. lol@the last part of the comment. Like I said in my blog sometimes communicating with spirits is more interesting then communicating with the living. I stand by that statement.