Post Rapture

This is what a rapture looks like? Interesting. Nothing looks different. Well as you can see since I am posting nothing ever did happen. Did some people really think it was going to happen? Actually don't answer that cause I know the answer is yes. I admit that there may of been a little bit of fear but I did not think it was going to happen.

Our last dinner was going to be Chinese food. Chicken fried rice. Boy did I devour it like there was no tomorrow. Well technically this is what we were told. There would be no tomorrow. Actually wait let me correct myself. The rapture was suppose to happen and then the end was suppose to happen five months later. When my father called in the order for the food I was up in my room doing my impression of a Chinese person saying "Ah we no deliver today. Rapture coming!". I suck at doing a Chinese impersonation. It got me to laugh. He said the food would be here shortly before 5pm which is 6pm est. I said no it has to get here sooner, I don't want the rapture to happen when I'm eatting Chinese food. How unfair would that be? And rude too!

A few minutes before 6pm my time I decided if anything was going to happen I would go outside and record it on my digital camera. I went outside and recorded. 6pm came and went. Nothing. Not even a stir to indicate that anything had actually happened. All I got out of the recording was a bunch of trees and my father asking me what a rapture looked like. Gee I don't know what a rapture actually looks like. I haven't seen many in my life time! I figured that the last chance of this rapture happening would be when it hit 8pm my time which is 6pm pst. Maybe the guy said 6pm cause he meant pst since he lives on the west coast.

Shortly before 8pm I went outside again with my digital camera. I recorded. About the only excitement I got was when the neighbor had to retrieve his basketball from our yard, then a person driving by was giving me funny looks, and me trying to deceive people by doing man made earthquakes with my camera. The earthquakes amused me a bit. Again nothing happened. Was there a bit of disappointment? Not entirely. A sense of relief that this prediction had proved to be false.

Where do we go from here? Simple, we go back to our daily lifes and there is a lesson that can be learned from this. In reality we do not know when the date of the rapture or the end will come so we should take the time to live each day to the fullest because we really don't know when our time is up. If this experience teaches anyone anything I would hope that would be it. Of course we do have December of 2012 coming up on us and I am sure we will go through this again. Until then just live life.

I made a joke on facebook and then on twitter. Here is what I said:

"I asked God to postpone the rapture until I had sex again. He said ok. I figure we have at least another 50 years left".

This is just me poking fun at the rapture. I did not make any sort of deal with God, obviously. I suppose though the next time I do get laid people should be prepared. It may not take 50 years.

I wonder what is going through the mind of Harold Camping today. This is the second time he has made a failed rapture predict. This one though millions of dollars were spent campaigning for it. People gave up their life savings for it. I believe people even went as far as to take their own lifes cause they were scared. I hope now people know not to listen some old crazy guy who claims to know when things are going to happen. He really doesn't know. The only one who truly knows is God. Unless you are actually God I suggest people shut the hell up. The rapture and doomsday will come but it will come on God's terms not some old dude who thinks he knows it all. There is a title for people like Harold Camping and that is a false prophet. There will be many of them that come and go. It should not be hard to tell from the people telling the truth and from the people who are lying.

Anyways, happy post rapture day. The skies are blue, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the weather is warm. It is a nice day to enjoy....living.


  1. ^_^ least i still have time for my end of the world ark? right!?!