Come join me brothers and sisters and convert to Nickism today! Yes as of last night I made up a new religion and I named it after me. I am this awesome. So it is not really a serious thing. With that being said please no comments on how I am being blasphemous or I am going to hell. Joke is a joke. Anyways back to the new religion of Nickism. I figure I don't particularly care for organized religion anymore after being catholic for many years. (technically I still am, remember I am joking?) I am not trying to say that my beliefs are correct, this is the way I feel. I don't feel like we really need organized religion to believe in God, worship God, or pray to God. Do people honestly believe that if they don't go to a church they are going to hell? I have a hard time believing that. I believe as long as you take God into your heart no matter where you are and at least pray then it doesn't matter if  you go to church or not. This is my opinion. Am I right? Am I wrong? I am not necessarily either. It is my opinion and my belief.

Back to Nickism. It pretty much is about what I just said. Belief that we don't need to go to a church to worship the lord. We do so on our own time. We still believe in God, we just don't necessarily go to church. Nickism is open to most people but we are particularly fond of milfs, midgets/short people, Canadians, and bacon. Wait bacon? Why bacon? Well it was requested that if someone converted to the religion that they would have plenty of bacon if they converted. So therefore bacon lovers are definitely welcome cause we will have tons of bacon for you. As far as Canadians are concerned we won't accept French Canadians. I am sorry but a few current members do not like them so to keep them happy I can not take them. Milfs, well do I even need to explain this one? We need some hot chicks to spread the word of Nickism to the vast majority of people and what better way to do it then by using milfs. Midgets, well small people need love too? If you don't fit into any of these categories then that is ok too. We can still most likely convert and accept you. Unless you happen to like Justin Bieber. His music is the work of the devil and we really can not have that in this group. Sorry.

Again this was just a joke cause I was/am bored so don't go all O.J Simpson on me please.

So do people really like my video blogs? A few of them I'm sure are boring. The life lessons thing though I could see being really fun to do. The rapture one I liked. I thought the ending of it was great at least. I plan on doing more in the future. I have some subjects I want to touch on. Some of them are experiences that I have had. As long as people enjoy them I will do more. I am still really shy and somewhat nervous about getting on the camera and putting it out there for everyone to see. I think though some people may see my real personality from doing them. I hide a lot of who I really am to most people on a daily basis. Probably cause people would just look at me and be like WTF. More life lessons to come though.

We got a basketball hoop and me and my father decided to try to put it together yesterday. Word of warning, do not let polish people put things together unless you want it to look well half ass backwards. We worked on it for nearly 2 hours and it still was not done. One of the pipes is facing the wrong way but hell if we can get it detached from each other. I pounded the hell out of it to get it in. Oh well so in the end we will have a polish looking basketball hoop. Yay. I will try to add pictures of it.

There is this cemetery in Sheboygan that we are planning on going to on Wednesday I believe. There is a cemetery in Glenbeulah that is said to be haunted. It was featured on Unsolved Mysteries at one point. The place sounds really creepy to me. Some guy supposedly hung himself in the cemetery. It is also said people use to use the cemetery for satanic rituals and offerings. Sadly vandals have gotten a hold of the cemetery and smashed up a lot of the stuff in there. Police watch over the cemetery and no one is allowed in there after dark. Really sad that people go into a place like a cemetery and decide to smash headstones and whatnot. I really think it is sick and disrespectful. I am looking forward to seeing this place though.

Now it is time for a little ghost story. Last night I went to bed rather late. It was after 3am. I have been sleeping downstairs staying in my sister's old room. Sometimes I just like to change things up and sleep downstairs instead of upstairs. Anyways I fell asleep. Then all of a sudden I hear a noise which I describe as something being thrown into the wall. It was not loud but it was enough to wake me up. First I wondered if I had hit the wall. Nope wasn't me. My body was nowhere near the wall. Ok so I look to see if the cats are around. Nope they are not in the room. I said to myself ok that was really weird but can I please get back to sleep. I find it funny that I hear random noises and whatnot and I just kinda shrug it off so I can go back to sleep. Maybe I am just so use to these types of events that it does not phase me all too much. Maybe I pissed off a ghost cause I converted to Nickism. lol.

June is rapidly approaching. Time to start getting my walks in, even if it is just to go to the local cemetery. Also there are a ton of movies I would like to go see. Soon I should also have more of my ghost hunting videos online for people to see. That could be exciting.

I can't say that this week has been an entirely great week but things that weren't working out seem to be getting better so no use crying over spilled milk that has been cleaned up, right? Until next time my loyal 1-2 readers. =)


  1. I would like to convert ASAP! PLus scary shit happens in your house maaan, I would seriously think about some sort of blessings...PLus. Dude can we have a halloween party in your room?? I agree, murder all those idiots who smash up head stones. With the marker they break, stone them to death. THey'll learn to respect the resting then huh?

  2. I'm pretty sure whatever spirits are around they are relatives. I'm not scared of them. Do I get a bit freaked out from time to time? Of course.

    Halloween party. Well it depends on if the rapture does actually happen on the 21st of October or not. =P

  3. Haha Nickism. I love it. Id love to join. As you were saying, I dislike people who think church and prayer are the only thing to get you to "heaven". Oh, and your stories are also mucho interesting.

  4. Thanks. Sometimes I wonder how many people I actually offend with some of my ideas or stories, even if they are meant to be a joke. At least it seems, for the moment, people have a sense of humor.